Mac Mini hacked to run off ethernet power

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This requires, (i think…), a type-B wired RJ-45 which permits PoE (power over Ethernet) as opposed to type-A


that is, good luck with ethernet cables bought at the grocery


agreed. even grocery store soldering irons are not what they used to be…


As someone who wired the house in SF with the best ethernet cable and receptacles money could buy (I jest, I only future proofed it a bit by the standards of those days (the Triassic) I whole heartedly approve. Might be helpful in a sailboat as well. I’ll dig up my crimper and grocery store soldering iron. Or is it harbor freight? is there a difference?

I could see an iMac that is solely powered by USB-C, why it could even be portable! Like a book! We’ll call it the MacBook, for Pros!

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I assume that the SKU proliferation and potential use confusion wouldn’t be worth it to Apple; but it would be interesting to know how much or little it would cost to have the mini support USB-C PD and/or PoE out of the box.

Theoretically, this shouldn’t be an issue. Practically, cheap Ethernet cables are made of higher gauge wires which can’t handle PoE in certain configurations, so maybe don’t cheap out on your Ethernet cables if you’re using them for PoE applications. I mean, you’re already paying for a PoE switch, after all, you should know better.

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