Macedonian designers make posters against dictatorship and for free and fair elections on Dec 11

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Could someone provide a translation of the three lines repeated on each poster’s upper left corner?

I’m pretty sure the first two lines are the “”#GlasamProtiv [#VoteAgainst]" that Cory quoted.

The third line I don’t know, though.

ETA: According to Google Translate, диктатура (diktatura) translates to “dictatorship”.


“I vote against dictatorship.” Гласам is the first person present indicative, and Macedonian’s pro-drop so the “I” can be happily removed in most cases. The untranslated text on the posters is “Enough of the VMRO meal every day” with VMRO being the party that won the last election: the Внатрешна македонска револуционерна организација (Internal Macedonian revolutionary organization).

The last one has “Free treatment for homosexuals” with the pills having a little logo of the party which is a lion rampant. Honestly, I’ve no earthly clue what that one’s about.

I’m generally for revolutions and against tyrannies of any description, but this has the acrid taste of a western-manufactured color revolution. These are… never a good idea. But I don’t know enough about the situation on the ground[1] to reason properly. Could use word from the country itself.

[1] I don’t actually speak Macedonian, but I speak enough bits of enough Slavic languages that I can fake it for short text like this.


My curiosity thanks you, and my language geekiness thanks you.

BTW, the pills are probably indicating AZT or some other anti-viral drug for HIV/AIDS treatments.


Can we borrow them?

Oh, wait…too late.


Conservative VMRO-DPMNE party will have 51 of 123 seats in Macedonia’s parliament, closely followed by main opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) with 49 seats, figures from the State Election Commission (SEC) showed on Tuesday.
Besides VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, four ethnic Albanian parties would enter parliament following the EU-brokered early general election held on December 11, according to figures posted on the SEC website.
Ethnic Albanian Democratic Union of Integration (DUI), which governed in coalition with VMRO-DPMNE prior to prime minister Nikola Gruevski’s resignation earlier this year, will have 10 seats.
According to local political researcher Andreja Stojkovksi approached by SeeNews for a comment, VMRO-DPMNE is likely to revive its coalition with DUI to form the country’s next government.
Ethnic Albanian BESA Movement, which participated in parliamentary elections for the first time, will have five representatives in parliament, according to SEC.
The Alliance for the Albanians, which comprises three political parties is expected to take 3 seats, while Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), previously seen as the main ethnic Albanian party in opposition to VMRO-DPMNE, would gain only 2 mandates.
The remaining three seats are for MPs elected by Macedonian citizens living abroad.

With 123 seats, 62 are needed to govern, so one party or the other will need to form a coalition.

The SDSM is disputing the results, claiming “irregularities”:

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