Mackenzie Crook is a bloody champ

Remember this guy?

Turns out he’s a dead-set auteur.

I just finished watching a series he wrote, directed and starred in, and it was fucking wonderful. Detectorists is a slow-moving, gentle comedy that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more than its nineteen episodes, despite it coming to a deeply moving and perfect end.

Absolutely lovely stuff. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.


I keep hearing good things about this. I suppose I’ll have to give a look.

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It’s a really nice, very British gentle comedy. He is also the terrifying, mushroom-crazed druid in Brittannia, where both he and Zoe Wanamaker are clearly having the very hammiest of good times (Britannia is definitely worth a watch tooo. Splendid schlock). It’s fucking criminal he wasn’t cast as Rincewind in Sky’s Pratchett adaptation.


A) Holy shit! I’ll have to check that out!

B) Damn.

They did a few of them. David Jason is Rincewind in Colour of Magic, and he’s OK, but I’ve no idea why they weren’t beating Crook’s door down for the job.


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