Metal detectorist finds a WWII anti-tank mine that requires detonation


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That show is fantastic. And you can tell who has watched it, as that word enters their vocabulary.

I have to imagine it’s a different hobby entirely anywhere a modern war has been fought.


Totally agree. I watched both seasons a week ago after a recommendation from my daughter and loved it. Great cast, great dialogue, sweet, and quietly funny.


Good News


Try to watch the Christmas special before watching Series 3.


Thank you, internet! You give the best tips!


Why does he keep touching it? Please stop!


Including places of production and practice.


I would need a change of pants after finding live ordnance, especially if its a mine.


I have dabbled with a metal detector, but living in a state with lots of wide open spaces and hardly and wars, there isn’t a lot of cool stuff to find easily. I know someone in Poland constantly finding crap in the woods.




I never even knew it existed, but I’ll give it a go, simply on the principle Toby Keith is eminently watchable in anything. A great British character acor in the Grand Tradition.


Agree regarding Toby Keith. Turns out that his Co-star in the Detectorists is the writer and director as well. The dialogue is perfect, and the music is also excellent. Well worth a binge.


Mackenzie Crook also plays a blue, pointy-toothed, permanently high druid in Britannia, which is my new fave at the moment. It is a fucking crime he never got to play Rincewind in Sky’s Pratchett adaptations.


I don’t know Britannia. I’ll check it out. Thanks.


reading the articles on this site makes me think of Pattern Recognition almost daily.



Yeah. Grew up in Arizona. All your stuff, PLUS, western civilization was a recent arrival. Best find was a two week old bottle cap.


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