Macy's is pulling Trump-branded menswear from its stores


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This presidential stunt is costing him much more than the price of a few cheering extras


hahaha “scrub all taints”, excellent.


Damn. Where am I going to get navy blue suits and solid color ties now?


In other news, Donald Trump had a line of menswear.


Who knew, right?


They not only lack fashion sense, they apparently lack any sense of irony or hypocrisy.


GOP/TeaBagger Party:

(n.) 1. A disillusioned group of U.S. citizens [GOP/TeaBaggers] that blindly oppose whatever legislative and/or government policy they perceive as being leftist, but said legislation/policy is actually in their own best interest.

2. Unknowing puppets [GOP/TeaBaggers] of capitalist corporations and their congressional silent partners used to derail any progressive movement in the US government and/or society.


Ha! I love it when a corporate bully gets his comeuppance the only way that really hurts…his bottom line.

Even other billionaires are starting to distance themselves from Mr. Hairpiece:

“His statement was totally out of line…working with someone so closed-minded was not going to work,” Elias said, adding that the comments were racist.

Good luck on that lawsuit Chump!


The irony, it burns.


The brewery that brews the exclusive private label beer for Rebar - a bar and lounge located in Chicago’s Trump International Hotel & Tower - canned The Donald as well.

Hopefully more companies will follow suit.


Dammit! No! If I run, I wonder if I can score a Trump suit before it’s too late?


They need to start selling these Trump puppets:


“But my staff assured me that everything I utter is brilliant!”

I predict the orange dye market will be severely depressed…


Gosh, I guess the fact that Trump’s a boor just snuck up and surprised Macy’s.


ALL his stuff is cheap crap, poorly designed, ugly and of course, made in China.


But, but, but … What about his Constitutionalismistic protected right to make lots of money while being an asshole? His protected status as a rich white guy is being offendalized!


i hope this sort of thing keeps going. i’m super excited to see how far he can fall.


That puppet looks like a cross between Trump, William F Buckley and John McLaughlin.