"Mad Pooper" terrorizes Colorado Springs family


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Homeless woman doing her best to not appear homeless (keeping fit) but also having difficulty finding restrooms open to the public without having to make a purchase, possibly?

But yeah, the whole “in plain sight” thing is kinda weird.

Side note: Forrest Dump


Sounds like a personal grudge to me.


Probably one of those bran addicts.


Wait, this isn’t Florida?

My dog really likes a certain patch of grass on our walks, maybe the homeowners just have a preternaturally enticing lawn?
Or she can’t go indoors and she drinks a cup of coffee and a bran muffin before she jogs every day?
Or she’s m-m-m-m-m-m-mad.

edit to say I think you guys had my post covered =`M


Not likely. This is a pretty upscale and residential suburban area. Most of the homeless population in Co Springs is downtown and down by the river.

This is all over our local news - there’s a public park with restrooms literally across the street and a gas station on the corner. It’s obvious this woman is doing it deliberately and pre-planned (she brings napkins with her to wipe).


A smear campaign, for sure.



Sheesh lady, if you want vengeance so badly, get a dog!


Maybe the vengeance-seeker couldn’t afford a hit-man but could run to a (s)hit-woman?


Or a bad case of the runs.


Perhaps she’s recently moved there from San Francisco – happens all the time there.


Wouldn’t she be a streaker in that case?


Exactly. Sometimes it’s hard for a dogs to find their magic poop spots.

This lady just found hers!


"Mad Pooper"

We have those here in San Diego, hence the Hep-A outbreak.


The PoPo going to stop the PooPoo?


You just know that camo guy is going to be the first one out there trying to get photographic “evidence”.


When ya gotta go, ya gotta go…


I’ve crapped in a park a few times when I was 1) there all day, 2) there were no facilities within ten minutes’ walk or drive, and 3) I had little to no warning of the need. In someone’s yard? No way. On the regular? Absolutely not. Bringing my own paper, evidencing intent? Not a chance. This is litigable, IMO, and I expect she will be publicly shamed even further plus she will have to pay fines and possibly punitive damages.


“pee-ew-nitive” damages. Hah!