Madagascar measles epidemic kills 900 in six months

I will just link to my last comment about this…


Um… did you have any evidence that they meant anything but normal medical surveillance? Because that’s exactly how the term is used in this UN report and, um, yeah, it sounds like a pretty good idea: describes the “surveillance” you’re talking about as “active case finding, community-based surveillance, [and] distribution of specimen collection kits.” Doesn’t honestly sound all that sinister to me, unless you we’re about to make a case for the privacy rights of a virus. :slight_smile:

(And there could be evidence out there of Madagascar using this as an excuse for any number of civil rights violations. But that one word in the article isn’t really it, and I’m hoping you had more to go on than that?)


I know you don’t believe that, but just to underline how much bullshit that is…
Measles does not cure cancer. Genetically modified measles virus, yes a shudder GMO, has been used to deliver anti-tumor factors to cancers. Real measles rat-farks your immune system by destroying your body’s learned immunities.


One must note that this is an underestimate. Not all measles deaths are directly from measles. Many are from the encephalitis and opportunistic infections that follow when measles destroys huge parts of the immune system.


No, I do not believe that.


Well, it’s just you and science vs. the wife of a top Trump official… that’s practically a tie!


You got the edit you wanted.


Just to be clear, i have been a frequent and fairly exhaustive poster on all of the far too many threads related to vax/antivaxx fuckery. Parents who have been duped into putting their children at risk of truly horrible, completely avoidable illnesses will bring me to a boil in an instant. If i came across as taking this lightly, it is probably that i am so tired of rehashing the same shit over and over. Apologies if necessary.


Respectfully, editing to:

I am hoping this is medical and not government surveillance.

…still leaves the specter of “government surveillance” when there is no evidence for that interpretation.

“Surveillance” has actual meaning in medical epidemiology. Conflating it with other sinister meanings of “surveillance” is not warranted or beneficial.


At least none of them had the autism right? /s


I am not convinced that Coley’s Toxin proved anything, except that any medical treatment will work as long as the inventor is the guy collecting data. No-one else could get it to work.

At first it looked like it kills “goo” in six months, then I realized it’s just a unfortunate type face choice for front page. goo


Just curious, whose file photo is that? Couldn’t they have worn gloves? Or do gloves cause autism now, too?

Oddly enough, I don’t think the line about “medical and not government surveillance” would be out of place in anti-vaccination propaganda.


While i cannot link this directly to Coley’s toxin, if you read down my cited post, the role of IL-2 and the proven efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors, as well as the adverse effects of same, would support in theory the effects noted by Coley. Certainly these, as currently employed, are effective. But, and this is a huge “but,” have absolutely nothing to do with measles curing cancer. Zip, zilch, nada. And I am afraid i have derailed the thread and shall cease. Sorry, mods!


damn! a savage, savage burn…

I wonder why the government wasn’t mandating vaccinations.

I don’t think these particular deaths can be attributed to Jenny McCarthy, unlike ones in the US.

Welp, that’s what happens when Madagascar doesn’t shut down its shipyards in time.

Truly was not meant to be. Meant as an expression of disgust and despair, although exhaution plays a role as well.

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