Madrid becomes no-kill city




… but killing bulls is still perfectly legal because that’s art

Way to stay cognitively dissonant, Castille.


Free to live their lives with nobody to take care of them? Or is the city going to spend money to set up “orphanages” for animals to live out their lives, since they will never be able to find families for all of them? I thought Spain was in a deep economic crisis. Is it kind to let an animal live in a shelter with minimal human contact and exercise for the rest of its life, or if there aren’t enough shelters to die from starvation or disease on the street? This is the kind of thing that sounds nice on paper but is really more cruel than kind.

Or to be a cliched animal welfare person; Death is not a welfare issue if the manner of death is humane. Quality of life is.


I would also expect them to institute some variety of program of spaying and neutering.


Can I still stomp around on anthills? Go fishing? How do they feel about ugly animals?


Madrid becomes no-kill city.
Apart from this.


What is the convention(if there is one) when drafting ‘no-kill’ laws, to allow for the (more or less universally recognized as a humane good) end-of-life veterinary euthenasia without opening a “oh, that one at the pound is definitely medically hopeless…” loophole?

It’d be pretty barbaric to forbid euthenasia across the board; but I imagine that it wouldn’t be too difficult to draft a standard of pain or futility that could be used to kill a fair percentage of the undesirables.


I guess they’ll get their biology lab specimens from another city

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Now I can just ship all these homeless animals to Madrid, instead of paying for expensive spaying and neutering!


Seems like another of those road to hell paved with good intentions instances, where the end goal looks nothing like the reality.

But who knows, maybe there’s some plan that we don’t know about.


It’s not just art, it’s food. Cats and dogs aren’t raised for food there, and strays aren’t being eaten (I assume…).
My understanding is that bullfighting animals are part of the commercial food system. I don’t think that’s really dissonance; they seem like different situations being treated differently.

and this…

People are making money from the torture of the bulls. Lots of money. There’s a difference between farm raised (and at best, grass fed) beef and animals who are not only older but die while extremely stressed (the bulls in the bull ring). Vegans don’t have to reply. I get it. But for omnivores where their meat comes from and how is very meaningful for optimum quality and health benefits. I’m sure Madrid’s 1% isn’t dining on yesterday’s bull ring kill.


What, killing waiters?

Well… in fact, bull ring kill is considered a delicacy and there are even specialized restaurants where all the meat comes from bullfighting rings.

If you come to Spain, please ask for a tapa of “cola de toro” (bull’s tail), it melts in your mouth and is super tasty!

PD: I am against the killing of bulls in bullfights.

I think any one who engages in essentially the ritualistic torture-killing of an animal for their own entertainment, regardless of what they do with the meat, engages in serious cognitive dissonance. That, or they resolve the dissonance by admitting to being sadists, which I don’t think they have.


Ritual killing eh?
Loop hole found! All euthanasia is now a sacrifice to Thor.

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I didn’t know that but I’ll pass (no pun intended) on the cola de toro.

Here’s hoping that one got a fine tip.