Cesar Millan investigated for animal cruelty


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Well, I know the way I’d treat a murderer is to bring him around targets fitting his past victims’ profile and let him loose. What could possibly go wrong? #BitterSarcasm


I’m not prepared to completely condemn Cesar Millan and his methods, but I do question the need for what happened in that video. The dog owner’s desire to adopt more pigs after her dog killed the first ones does not strike me as an emergency that warrants taking the risks Cesar did.


Those complaining about this event had better be vegans through and through. A bite on an ear by a french bulldog is the very least of a member of the pig population’s worries.


Dogs and humans aren’t the same. It’s a stupid comparison to make.


My point, which was pretty clear but I’ll spell it out anyway, is that the results of bringing a known killer around his known prey and letting him loose were utterly predictable and the only way Millan did it was intentionally or the man is a complete moron. If you want to split furs over the definition of murder, go nuts.


Not really. The dog was rehabed. Watch the clip provided. The only way to make the dog be able to hang out with the pigs, is to make the dog hang out with the pigs. It can’t be done in therapy sessions laying on a couch. Your “point” is worthless.


I watched the clip several days ago. The dog wasn’t rehabbed, an idiot thought or wanted others to think he rehabbed the dog. If the dog had been or could be rehabbed, he wouldn’t have attacked the pig. That’s reality. Ignore it of you like; doesn’t change what happened and who was responsible for it.

Millan’s bullshit pseudoscience notwithstanding, there’s no reason to bring that dog near pigs, unless of course you have a TV show to sell and no scruples about torturing animals to do it. If you have an animal that habitually attacks another animal you have, you either keep them separate or you send one of them somewhere else. You don’t exploit it for ratings.

I love dogs, but asshole dog owners who endanger other animals and people to satiate their own wishful thinking are a menace. Someone who does it for money is worse.


you didn’t watch the clip.


I had no particular desire to see this again, but I helpfully queued up the dog attacking the pig for you.

They’re torturing that damn pig. It’s sick.


Last time I checked, people being upset about meat from an animal being consumed while the animal the meat was taken from was still alive has been documented since at least the bronze age.


I’m not sure where you got the impression the dog was “rehabbed”. It was non-reactive around pigs while on a long lead, but as soon as one squealed, he took off after it. That’s not a dog ready to be off-leash around prey.

Also, there’s the small matter of the production assistant in the clip pulling on the pig’s leg to make it squeal to purposefully attract the dog’s attention. If that’s not dog baiting under California law, I don’t know what is.


I don’t eat meat or use animal products. May I have your permission to complain now?

On a side note, welcome to BB. I hope you stay and share more unique insights that have never been spoken on these forums before.


The pig doesn’t worry about being eaten after it’s dead because it will never know. Being carnivorous and being opposed to animal torture is not an either/or proposition. You may find both or neither wrong, but their potential to be considered wrong is for different reasons.


Whether he eventually rehabbed the dog or not seems immaterial to the fact that he purposefully caused the dog to attack a pig knowing that the dog had an aggressive history with them.


That’s just it though. If Millan really knew how to rehab the dog, it wouldn’t have attacked the pig on his show. It was clearly stated the dog killed two pigs before. Setting aside the torture for both animals of chaining them together like that, Millan is either deluded or completely uncaring if he thinks the dog is “cured”. That is not a happy dog, that’s a dog that was probably mistreated as a puppy and now is being mistreated by this charlatan. I honestly don’t understand how @seyo and some others can defend him. It’s as if Millan has said, Look, I cured the aggressive dog! Oh shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Now I’ve really cured the aggressive dog! Trust me!

I want to be clear though, @seyo never made it personal and stuck to the argument, truculent though it got. I appreciate and respect that, especially on such an emotional topic.

ETA: While I’m no expert on dog training, and some commenters in the earlier thread on this topic suggested this was how you should train an aggressive dog, I’m a bit more inclined to heed the opinions of the many animal trainers that have condemned Millan’s methods both prior to and since this incident. Even if I’m wrong about that, I don’t see how letting a dog maul a pig on TV or otherwise is worth it to train the dog. If there’s no other way to train it, just keep it away from other animals. There’s simply no justification for this kind of “training” whether it’s effective or not, which I very much doubt.

ETA2: Oh, and I had to go get that disgusting clip off YouTube because Nat Geo removed their own promo clip of it. Which is fine and what they should’ve done, but it undercuts their defense of Millan’s show and suggests they’re not standing by how the incident was exploited.


Wait, why are we using the torture word here? Have we just watered that word down to where it means anything unpleasant at all? I watched the video expecting to see that pig waterboarded and instead a dog attacked it once. That’s not torture, that’s a single dog attack.

Whether or not Cesar Milan is an idiot or not is an exercise I leave to the audience, but seriously folks, words mean things and nothing in that video was torture. Was it a bad idea? Yeah. But it wasn’t like Cesar just watched the dog attack the pig while smoking a cigarette and waiting for the pig to squeal. Y’all crazy.


Replace the pig with a human having a dog sicked on it to bite off part of its ear. Is that torture? Would you give the same apology for someone doing this to a human being?


Ah yes, he definitely sic’d the dog on the pig instead of just having it exist in the same area during an exercise specifically designed to make the dog more comfortable around the animals. Since he definitely did this - a deliberate attack with an animal such as the police use - I guess you’re correct and two animals exhibiting primal behaviors as predator and prey is directly analogous to torture. You are absolutely correct - as evidenced by the fact that Cesar Milan spends the whole time just sitting there watching, biting his lip in obvious ecstasy at the sight of a pig being slowly tortured by a dog.

Wait, crap. I was watching Pigkiller III: Cesar’s Revenge and got the footage mixed up, my bad - none of that happened.

Torture is a word that should be reserved for when it’s appropriate, not simply thrown at anything you find distasteful.

the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.


Cool. You play semantics. I’ll stand by the condemnation of animal cruelty. Millan should have known better. Animal attack resulted from him being a fraud. Intentions matter only insofar as I think Millan is in indeed a deluded idiot who thinks he’s the “dog whisperer”. I don’t really give a shit what you call it as long that the asswipe isn’t allowed around animals again.