Cesar Millan investigated for animal cruelty

Dude who’s whole career is around animals should not be around animals because a dog ran away from him and messed up a pig for about 10 seconds before Cesar separated them, got it.

You know what I think really is torture? Your posts. Animal torture even, I showed my cat this last post and it seemed upset.

I’m sure you can master the fine art of not reading them if they bother you so. G’night.

Milllan is an ass, dogs that kill livestock (dogs being dogs) aren’t reformed by one on one conversations on dominance with a preening showman.

That he thought that dog was reformed is idiotic. That he thinks it’s reformed after the incident is asinine. What I think is going on here is that he took a chance that the dog would hold it together long enough to get tape. So he isn’t idiotically asinine for thinking he’s a dog whisperer, he’s an asinine idiot for thinking he could put one over on people.

Besides, the dog probably thinks it has a point to make. you let food wander around the house, it gets eaten. Probably have a floor rule in that house, and the dog can clearly see the pig is on the floor.

This particular example of Millan has assholes pointing in all directions, dog owner, ass-whisperer, the cat pulling to pig’s leg…

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Yeah, folks, seriously.


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