New York bans pet piercing


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Well, humans aside, I think this seems like a good ban. I know what a tattoo feels like. It makes me sick to think of someone doing that to my dog.

Am just wondering if this solves a real problem, though…

But it’s good for my pet if it makes me love it more!

Why was this even a thing? US ingenuity. Abusing animals for spurious entertainment. Good job. Is there anything we can’t torture?


It’s not something solvable on a municipal level, although that is a start. Anyone outré enough to want to decoratively tattoo their dogs is simply going to take their business twenty minutes away to the next town over, just like anyone who really wants a Super Big Gulp or doesn’t feel like paying six bucks in taxes on a pack of cigarettes or their kid wants a toy in its Happy Meal. I understand the reasoning behind all those initiatives, but unless they’re more widely adopted they’re only symbolic gestures.

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Not only that. If a piercing makes my cat look cool, maybe she be more popular with the other cats and experience enhanced self-esteem. I would call that a “benefit.”


I’d call this good news, even though I live in an area where it seems like every other week in the summer there’s another puppy mill being shut down.

In the winter it becomes a much lower priority for law enforcement.

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Cool. Can we get another fork for the genital mutilation posts?


I assume that sub-dermal implants are ok?
I want a ferret with horns.

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I didn’t even know this was a thing. Fucking hell!
Hopefully as long as noise is started somewhere it’ll amplify.

Yep, look up “Wim Delvoye pigs.” I won’t link a pic here because it’s pretty gross.

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