Stop calling it "Puppy-Burning" -- it's the "Alt-Warmth Movement"


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I see what you did there.

(starts harvesting puppy organs)


I challenge anyone to find puppy murder articles on


hmmmm…gives a new meaning to “three dog night”.


Give a dog a fire and it will be warm for a day. Set a dog on fire and it will be warm for the rest of its life.


Paging the Girl With Curious Hair.


Forwarded to me by a friend:

Michael Seitzman (michaelseitzman)
If you raise your hand and shout “Sieg Heil” you’re a Nazi. When you have sex with a goat, you’re not an “alt farmer,” you’re a goat fucker.


Ahhh, just short of ‘the line’. Very satisfying.


I keep hoping that A Modest Proposal will eventually show its age, and people will no longer need to refer to it, and people will wonder at the need for that kind of sarcasm. Not in this lifetime, though.


And keep in mind, you aren’t allowed to count the articles about “floods” of puppies overburdening veterinarians, support for “victimized” mailmen, the benefits of being warm, etc…


I can’t say I have come across that many myself.

In the past, eugenecists were pro-abortion, and I remember reading something by Trotsky who was saying he was pro-abortion on the grounds that having children caused inefficiency in the work place and women should wait until they are older. I wouldn’t call either position pro-choice myself.


I didn’t know Trotsky’s rationale, thanks for that grim tidbit. :{(


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