Maga candidate for Nevada Secretary of State promises end gas taxes, even though that office has no control over gas taxes

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That’s not good. The Dem candidate needs to set the truth straight, loudly and quickly.

In Michigan we have some dude with too much money claiming that if we elect him governor, not only will he reduce gas prices, he’ll reduce inflation. The guy claims to be some sort of efficiency “guru”, but had no grasp on how government works, what a governor can and cannot do, and fails miserably at macro-economics. I may end up voting in the Republican primary for the sole purpose of voting against this stable genius. The last time a dude with too much money was elected governor, he was responsible for lead poisoning over 4,000 children.


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Because they don’t give a shit about governing, they care about lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends, at the expense of everyone else.


Yup. That last guy also promised to fix the roads, but didn’t because of his fellow GOP in the statehouse.


The real reason Marchant is running for Secretary of State is to help “President” Trump steal the next election, which is why he’s using a blatant lie to fool voters into supporting him.

This is the theme of the 2022 elections. Every GOP politician elected this year is one who’ll spend the next two years chipping away even more at voting rights and participating in election board fraud in 2024.

Also media outlets. If the GOP wins this year it will be as much due to complacency and inaction on the part of their opponents and to watchdogs as it will be to their own dishonest efforts.


as a Nevadan, i can say that this guy is backed by rural conservatives, and i don’t think he has a chance in hell, but then again, i want to be sure he loses so badly that he and others like him never try to run again.


He will put a man on the moon by 2023!


Man. you guys! Cut him some slack will ya. It’s the thought that counts Just because the poor dumb shit can’t think has nothing to do with right wing politics. He’d do it if he could.


As always, all Republicans show themselves to be lying pieces of shit.


That these ridiculous claims work on their voter base says a lot about the sad state of civics education, though. Voters should know the governor can’t control gas taxes, inflation, etc. Not that that makes it okay to lie about it, of course. But we should be working the problem on both ends of it.


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