Trump threatens to cut Michigan from federal money over mail-in voting, as 10,000 in state flee breaking dams

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Honestly, these little turbulences are probably the best opportunity we have to ensure mail-in voting for November. The democratic leadership sure isn’t going to do a damn thing. The more vitriol he spews about it, the more it stays in the news cycle and maybe, just maybe gets adequate attention.


They didn’t even get the story right, nor is his tweet remotely accurate (for numerous reasons). The secretary of state sent APPLICATIONS for Absentee ballots to everyone, not the ballots.

Here’s the true story:

Here’s the Sec. of State of Michigan replying to Chump change:


Yesterday, I was cracking the joke that every day Trump out-stupids himself from the day before.

I really wish that was all it was, just a joke; and that it wasn’t true Every. Single. Day. I mean really, how stupid can someone get? There’s got to be a lower boundary at which he no longer has enough functioning neurons to remember to breathe, and he can’t possibly survive another day of being the stupidest man on the earth. But there it is.


There is no bottom floor in hell.


Trump’s cult loves this because it “triggers the libs”. We seriously need to get everyone out to vote in November because you can rest assured that the cult of 45 will be out in full force.


It’s not only this orange thug but the party establishment enabling him who understand that making voting easier in any way (especially for young people and minorities) puts the GOP on the path to destruction.


When I opened this article I was getting a pop-up ad for some kind of Trump commemorative coin, but it disappeared before I could get a screen shot.

I know conservatives still think Obama somehow tarnished America by being president, but c’mon, everyday is another temper tantrum and power grab by our unhinged, unintelligent, narcissistic Commander in Chief. Can you imagine the patron saint of conservatism, Ronald Reagan, approving of Trump?


Anybody want to lay odds on whether the election in November proceeds as scheduled and is not contested in the Supreme Court?

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So now the current presidency poses an existential threat to voters… again. Hmm.

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Remember when Republicans at least pretended to hide their voter suppression plans? They weren’t good at hiding it, but at least they knew it was wrong enough to try. I miss that.


You can buy a photo of them together on Amazon for $7.



It’s a Trump & Reagan coin set. Because they were best friends. Includes a photo showing Reagan shaking Trump’s hand in some sort of receiving line. They also have a Trump puzzle and a Trump-Pence doormat among others. It is the Mad Magazine version of a Presidential campaign - which I realize reveals my aged status.


agree. corrected.

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Help, we are under attack from our own federal government. If you don’t think you’re next, you’re wrong.


What about STATE’S RIGHTS!!!

(And why can’t I just post “STATE’S RIGHTS!!!”. I got a popup stating “Body seems unclear, it it a complete sentence?” It would be clear to any adequate Turing machine.)

With guns, trying to prevent likely democrats (e.g. brown people) from voting…

Those astro-turfed armed anti-lockdown protests turned out to be dry runs for what the Republican party is planning in November.

I mean, how does this end except with guys armed with assault rifles at polling places:

The Republican program, which has gained steam in recent weeks, envisions recruiting up to 50,000 volunteers in 15 key states to monitor polling places and challenge ballots and voters deemed suspicious. … The party and its allies also intend to use advertising, the internet and Mr. Trump’s command of the airwaves to cast Democrats as agents of election theft.


On the subject of the collapsed dams, dig the hat on the guy who owns (at least) one of them, standing next to a GOP State House rep less than 2 months ago:


There’s that Invisible Hand of the Free Market at work…