Trump threatens to sue Nevada to block universal mail-in ballots

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“We will be suing in Nevada. And that’s already been taken care of, we’ll probably file something tomorrow,” he said during a White House briefing.


I posted this in another thread, but I hope NV has other ways of submitting mail in ballots.


he may have missed the part where we are known as the Battle Born state. bring it, fat boy.


All hail Sovereign Citizen Trump!


In Oregon there are local drop boxes for ballots in addition to mailing them out in advance of the election. I don’t know how plentiful they are around the state, but there’s one less than a mile away from my neighborhood.


Washington has them too. We want free and fair elections. That’s not possible when you have so many potential voters who can’t get a day off to go to the polls the republicans keep shutting down or otherwise guarding against people of color.

Voting is TOO damn important to not make as easy as possible.


Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In Votes without preparation

jah, right, the usps just

processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day


In the 2016 US Presidential election, approximately 33 million ballots were cast by postal vote, about a quarter of all ballots cast

so I guess they will handle the additional 100 million mails stretched over a week just fine, you fucking wanker.


The levels of Trumpian insanity here. Trump is straight-up admitting that allowing people to vote makes it “impossible for Republicans to win”? Somehow he thinks that by simply calling it a “coup” he doesn’t actually have to have any argument for his assertion that voting is bad? The stupidity, the projection… and what gets me is knowing that Trump supporters will eat up this bullshit, without bothering to stop for even half a second to think about what’s being said.

The thing that gives me hope here is that unless Trump actually manages to do something that totally fucks up voting for everyone (and gods know he’s trying), all he’s doing is making Republicans less likely to vote.

Yeah, it’s true in the county where I am, and I assume that’s consistent across the state. I’ve been doing mail-in ballots for a long time, but my whole precinct got switched over to mail-in ballots some years ago, as there apparently weren’t enough people regularly voting to justify keeping the polling place open here. You could go to any polling place and fill out your mail-in ballot and hand it in there (if you really wanted the polling place experience or some help), or stick it in various registrar of voter drop boxes located at county buildings.


All those people who can’t afford to wait in line for hours on a work-day can now vote.


It’s clear that trump won’t go down without a fight and that he is using this rethoric, to escalate things.
So there is an even greater need for republicans in the likes of The Lincoln Project to talk their militant brother/cousin/neighbor out of picking up their guns and taking back what was taken in this “coup”. They won’t listen to a Democrat.


I have just one word:



He’s a blooming fascist idiot. There first is your name. Then your address. Then your SS number. Then your signature which must match what is on file. The you rip off the “stub” and can follow it through the secure site. It even has matching QR codes.


I love the fact that Trump supporters “turning out in force” consist of 21 people, most all of whom have either the same identical offishial campaign placard, or a hand-written sign on identical blanks, all written in the same hand (with the same distinctive exclamation point - ! - on most).

Only two outliers: One woman has the standard campaign sign, but in a smaller size; another has :no_entry_sign: over “AB 4” set in type. Her sign is also the only one with a stick.

Only two MAGA hats; no other fan gear in evidence.

So, what’s that? Two staffers, one bus, some blank placards, pile o’ campaign posters, one magic marker? Fistful of 50s from the petty cash drawer?

Plus the two who showed up with their own signs, of course. Some people are crazy for free. :neutral_face:

Big turnout, uh huh.



The President threatens to sue a State Legislature? For what? Loss of earnings? It is unpresidented!


Someone with a mic and a camera should ask Trumpty-Dumpty if that means he stole his own election.

Also, his claims that postal voting leads to widespread voter fraud are NOT ‘unsubstantiated’, AP, they’re lies.


I’m in WA state too, and it boggles my mind this anti-voting push to stop mail in votes. It’s worked amazingly well for years here. I can’t imagine the hassle of not having it.

Just having the ability to sit in your home and research every candidate online is such an amazing privilege. It makes it easier to be an informed voter, but I guess that’s the point. To keep us from voting by mail and being informed.


So begins the court decided election of 2020.


Thank you! Came here to say this. I was going to generously round up to “two dozen” but you were more accurate.
And good notes on the eerie consistency, I hadn’t noticed that. It’s almost like they rolled up to the building and shouted to any random staff inside (or people walking by), “Hey, who wants to earn a quick buck?”