Trump asked for mail-in ballot for Florida’s Tuesday primary election, he and Melania to vote by mail

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F him and that call girl wife of his.

The damage is already done…


Are you making the argument that vote by mail will allow felons and illegal immigrants to commit voter fraud?


Christ, what an asshole.


Fuck this fucking fucker. His stooge DeJoy is killing the USPS as we speak, he’s voting by mail in Florida, and the rest of the country can just fuck off and die. I am furious, and I’ve contacted my representatives (but I live in Kentucky, so fat lot of good that will do). I also bought four sheets of stamps at my local P.O. today as a gesture of solidarity. Have I mentioned how angry I am about this USPS bullshit? And that’s on top of the simmering rage I’ve felt since November 9, 2016.


Trump has flat-out stated that he supports voting by mail in any state run by a Republican Governor.


He’s either committing tax fraud, vote fraud or both:

He’s incapable of doing the simplest things above board and abiding by the terms of any agreements he’s made. Christ, what an asshole.


Would someone please just punch this man until he collapses?

What a fucking garbage human being!

Every single person that dies because they have to go to the polls and catch covid to vote this fucking demon out of office- their deaths are on his hands and every person in America who enabled him!


And yet with all of the intentional and obvious contempt he has shown for America there are some fellow Americans who will vote for him again and a fair number of the lobotomy lobby will mail their votes for him. Why in all the magnitude of the English language is there no word strong enough for the contempt and loathing I feel about his existence


He didn’t change his mind. He just believes in different rules for him and us.
And the first rule is: Rules don’t apply to him.


President Donald Trump requested a mail-in ballot for Florida’s Tuesday primary election, despite weeks of spewing hot lying garbage all over the place about how voting by mail means cats and dogs and zombies will get the vote.

Well he is the walking braindead.


Zombies were once people. Not sure what the term is when describing an undead piece of shit who in some small (corpulent?) way resembled a humanoid.


Of course Trump thinks Florida’s election system is “safe and secure.” The definition of a “safe and secure” election is one in which Trump wins. Any other election is corrupt. It’s all so very simple.


Surprisingly not the first time he’s done something while suing other places/people about the same thing. My President loves to sue. He never follows up or wins but it keeps him content for some reason.


Trump: ”In Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot & Vote by Mail!"

The cats and dogs of the Sunshine State will be pleased to hear that.


This election is no longer about the will of the people in choosing who should govern, it’s about how effectively Trump and the GOP manage to cheat, and whether the people will have the will to rise up bodily in the aftermath to demand better for themselves if they succeed.

Trump is doing everything he can to steal this election, in broad daylight, and he’s openly boasting about it on Fox News. He’s disenfranchising undesirable voters, he’s begging and extorting foreign actors to intercede on his behalf, he’s politically weaponized the DOJ under the leadership of the most corrupt and toadying AG in American history, on and on it goes, daily impeachable offenses barely acknowledged and then tossed one after another into the dumpster fire with all the rest.

America is already a failed state, for such things to be possible at all. These things could not happen in a functioning civil society.

People get mad at the Democrats, because it’s human nature to want someone to blame and lash out at, but what can they do? The system is set up to keep out monsters like Donald, but damn us, when we invite the monster into the house and set it loose, we have betrayed the system. Blaming the Democrats for that is just silly. All they can do is whine, basically. That’s how the system is designed.

It wasn’t designed to withstand this sort of attack from inside itself. The Founders couldn’t design a system that would stand up to one of the nation’s two major political parties declaring war on it from the inside. They couldn’t account for a populace that would install a literal madman in the White House, himself aided and abetted by a tyrannical minority party with outsized and ill-gotten political power, willing to defend and support literally anything to hold onto that power for its own sake.

The system depends on at least most of the people inside it acting more or less in good faith, but now the GOP has abandoned all pretense of that, so what can the Democrats do? Nothing. Send strongly worded letters. File pointless lawsuits. And watch the system collapse under the weight of all the bad faith and corruption.

I really think it’s that bad. I believe these are those proverbial “interesting times” from that old Chinese curse. The GOP has decided that rather than accept the will of the people it will destroy America in order to rule over the rubble, and their base, tens of millions of assorted useful idiots and hateful scumbags who have become utterly divorced from reality and immune to reason, are going to hoot and clap like trained seals while they burn it all down to own the libs.

How many thousands of Americans have literally died over the last few months thanks to Trump’s criminally negligent coronavirus response?

That’s mass murder. That’s what’ll get you a 40%+ approval rating in the United States. Disgusting.

There is something deeply, existentially wrong with America that only a lot of deep and honest introspection followed by several generations of hard work could fix, but most of the country either likes things the way they are or are unwilling to see or admit just how bad it is.


It’s times like these that I almost (but not quite) wish I had one of those racist uncles so I could ask why this obvious, undeniable hypocrisy is somehow okay with them.


Headline is a bit misleading on that, though. It’s not too late NOW, but it’ll be too late if people wait until the deadline (October 27th) to request a ballot. There’s no way the post office can guarantee they’ll get it and be able to return it by election day. They are telling people the ballot needs to be sent back BY the 27th.


ALL of this!!

A very concise, and accurate analysis.

There has been for a very long time.

(I was tempted to say there has always been something deeply, existentially wrong with America, but would no doubt end up in a pointless off-topic argument if I did. Oh… it seems I did.)


Why does this dichotomy surprise anyone? His whole life has very much been “everything for me but none for thee.”