Honest ad for The USPS

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Isn’t it time for us to start adding job requirements to governmental positions? I mean, what kind of jobs do you normally see that say “No Experience Necessary!”

DeJoy’s appointment was controversial because of his strong Republican connections,[20][21] as well as because of his financial position. While he divested some investments before taking on his role (shares in UPS and Amazon), he did not divest his $30–$75 million equity stake in XPO, a subcontractor for USPS. Additionally, when he sold his Amazon shares, he purchased stock options in the company that represent between 20–100% of his prior holdings.[22][23]

The Trump administration is like Tammany Hall under Boss Tweed…



  • Funny truth bombs
  • Great way to encourage voter participation
  • “Neither rain nor snow nor skeet nor hail…”


  • Worst ADR ever?

If I’m not mistaken, that’s part of their schtick. :wink:


This has come up before.


To my dismay, they have been dismantling those corner mailboxes for a few years including a bunch right in front of most of the post offices.

I do wish the reporters would be asking harder questions here about the equipment and reasons for dismantling, and going to local post offices and talking to the workers.


I’m a little surprised that Trumpists havent already started destroying mailboxes themselves, as an act of solidarity with Trump.

I have a feeling I’m about to be proven wrong.




“mail your ballot in a rich neighborhood - it will get there in time”

sad truth


Please do. And please hope someone gets it on video, because the postal service agents don’t fuck around (see: Steve Bannon arrested on a boat).


The only real issue I have with this video is the claim that the nation coming together forced the douche to back off. It didn’t. He pretended he backed off, but just continued to do the same shit he was doing, in secret, until that was uncovered. The egregiousness of the bullshit knows no bounds.

I was reading a suggestion that the destruction of the post office to throw the election was as much about the 2016 election as 2020’s. Specifically, that having reliable mail-in ballots, which can’t be hacked like paperless electronic voting machines, would provide a data point of comparison to in-person voting and indicate when votes had been hacked. Which, evidence suggests, likely happened in the last election, despite concerted efforts to avoid looking at the evidence. We now know that the Russians hacked into multiple types of voter databases in all states - we just don’t know how successful their efforts were in changing votes or kicking Democrats off of registered voter lists to prevent them from voting (it’s also hard to distinguish Russian fuckery with Republican fuckery in that regard). We know Trump colluded with the Russians and has made it clear he’s happy to do so again.

Yeah, there’s no act of self-harm that someone won’t engage in, to “own the libs.”

From what I’m reading, it doesn’t sound like it - they may be removing mailboxes from highly specific (i.e. Democratic-leaning) areas, but the slowing of mail is more systematic (although the removal of mail-sorting machines might be equally targeted, which could add extra delays in some areas). Certain classes of mail are likely to be delivered on time (Amazon packages, ironically), but that doesn’t help ballots. Especially since ballots are specifically being targeted on multiple levels - threats of putting them in the most-delayed mail class, increasing the costs to states to have mail in ballots in the first place, and so on. Fuckery all the way down.




This whole vote-by-mail brouhaha feels so manufacture. Though there are some valid issues at play, I have the impression that all parties involved are playing along and thus(intentionally or not) perpetuating a smokescreen. I am surprised that throughout this ongoing debacle nobody has taken any overt measures to double-check the veracity of voting machines as currently implemented. Is it not odd that the Gilded Turd (who is literally promising fraudulent election results) has, apparently, complete faith in the voting machine process? This seems out of character and it makes me highly suspicious.

I’m not sure what those are. There really aren’t any (legitimate) issues with vote-by-mail. Some states have been doing it for a while. The basic issue here, beyond Trump stealing the election by being able to brainwash his own voters into thinking there’s no pandemic so it’s fine for them to go vote, while he disenfranchises those who want to vote by mail, is precise that vote-by-mail is so much more secure than regular voting. Because regular voting increasingly involves electronic machines that are both hackable and have no paper trail. And Trump is most definitely still colluding with the Russians, who are making every effort to hack them.

This Twitter thread actually lays it all out pretty well (his focus is on what this would retroactive indicate about the 2016 election, but the point is that mail-in ballots that can prove the electronic systems are rigged now indicate they were four years ago, too):


I would consider deliberate sabotage a valid issue. Having just typed that I am now caught up in thinking about the relationship between the words “liberate” and “deliberate”. Further, as an asides to that statement I will add that I of the opinion that the “Liberate Michigan” tweet and those tweets akin to it amount to sedition (particularly when stated on behalf of an elected official).


Too bad this ad doesn’t get routine TV airplay in the US. Nailed it. Props to the voice coach.

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While we’re nitpicking, what’s up with the use of the pre-1959 American flag in the background at 0:50 and again at 2:30? Is that supposed to send some sort of message?

Who has stock footage of a flag without 50 stars, anyway?

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It’s an australian youtube channel. Cut then some slack.

Also,who tf counts out the stars on an american flag?


Pedantic boingboing readers, natch.

But you don’t have to count. The geometric arrangement makes it obvious. 50-star flags have a 4x5 grid inside a 5x6 field, so the stars appear staggered. The flag in the background here has even rows so it’s either a 6x8 48-star flag or a 7x7 49-star flag (I don’t think it ever zooms out far enough to see which one).