'MAGA mail-bomber' Cesar Sayoc: Trump was 'my new found drug' and I was also on steroids

I’m asking nicely, can we please, please, PLEASE stop putting a very long list of other people’s tweets as the article?

I come here because I DONT want any vapidity from twit-er. Plus it just adds to the confusion, and shows laziness and unwillingness to just summarize succinctly any news.

I come here because I am trying to understand something not hear short misleading or unhelpful statements from the minds of multiple people


If only his insecurity and self-doubt were crushing enough to incapacitate him instead of propelling him forward.

Yeah, he’s krokodil.


Something that twitter people seem to forget is that their experience of immersing in Twitter as an ongoing conversation writ global is completely decontextualized without participating in Twitter’s fragmented, recursive language. It’s the same disorienting shock that sms-speak can have, but dragged over the surface of all of monkey island.



I mean I know this is not my personal site and Xeni and all of course have right to post what they will, they run the place, but as someone who regularly comes here and reads what they write it’s just extremely annoying, and time-wasting without being helpful

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Cocaine on top of all that. Coke users I have known are sure of it after his debate performances with Clinton.

Could be amphetamines…

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Maybe. It would fit the massive insecurity. I just have a hard time thinking of hard core coke users in their 70s being a viable thing. Maybe I’m ageist, but a 74 year old doing rails seems like a short-term thing at best.

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That and cocaine, I’d guess. I think most ‘successful’ ‘businessmen’ use the stuff, it seems to be popular in that demographic. If he still does it I don’t know (I’d guess his age would probably give him heart trouble if he does), but he probably used large amounts of it in the past.

Perhaps a good compromise would be to put the comments button, or a duplicate of the comments button above the tweetnado. It seems to be an important part for some people, but it does take a lot of scrolling past.

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I can totally picture this guy going “Donald Trump is my new drug, and believe me, I know all about new drugs!”

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