Is Trump is on crappy prescription stimulants, like Hitler?


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'nuf said:


Well, that would explain a lot of stuff, like the whole thing that he doesn’t sleep much. Cuz he’s a genius like Edison or something. Uh oh, now I’ve invoked Tesla’s Ghost! It’ll meltdown and become penniless just before saving the world (again).

Herr Trumpf is a cheeto colored stain on 'merikah’s underdrawers.

Trump/Cosby 2016 “you know you want it America!”


Put haloperidol in his water supply. Problem solved.


Now we know why Jeb! seemed so “low-energy” in comparison.



Sleepy Ben Carson forgot that he already took his Xanax today. Oh well, a double-dose couldn’t possibly hurt.


From 0 to goodwins law in nothing flat.


To quote Simon and Garfunkel,
‘The woman from the supermarket ran to call the cops
"He must be high on something," someone said’


Well. . . this is just a rumor, and as enoyable as it is to gossip about someone we don’t like, there’s no need to speculate on weird conspiracy theories (like conservatives have with Obama for the last eight years) when there are equally weirder tidbits coming out regarding his half-assed campaign almost every day that could lead to his downfall if the FEC gets involved.


If true, this would only make him more popular with his base.




“Hitler was taking a cocktail of 74 different drugs, including a form of what is now commonly known as crystal meth. He also took “barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, bulls’ semen,” according to reports.”

The Donald is probably taking 1/2 of the famous “Phen-Fen” weight loss regime. While related, it’s not what Hitler was taking. Hitler was doing straight-up meth.

Score another one for the guideline: "for any headline that ends in a question mark can usually be answered ‘NO’ "


Trump/Sheen 2016
"Tiger’s Blood" :slight_smile:


I’m not sayin’ it’s

but that’s what it is.

You might say it was a speedy trump.


Supposedly, he was born in a mental institution. And he sleeps only one hour a night. He’s a great man. Do you know about Tyler Durden?


Came here to quote the tabloid question mark rule. I see it’s covered already. All good here.


It’s even tagged as such: “BETTERIDGE’S LAW OF HEADLINES”

Rob knew exactly what he was doing.


Max Headtrump?


But Sheen is not a fan of the Angry Orange Nominee, even though Trump makes Sheen look downright sane and rational by comparison.


Sheen has all the winning. He doesn’t want to share any of his winning with drumpf.