MAGA senator's attempt to discredit expert backfires at gun crime hearing (video)

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Previously on Boing Boing, Senator Kennedy pretends not to understand that all Soviet children were members of the Young Pioneers.


Everything sounds like “word salad” to this buffoon.


It’s an act. He knows perfectly well what words mean. He’s well educated, after all.


how the hell is “if you make vacant lots into green lots and fix up vacant buildings the rate of shootings go down” word salad?

Let’s not forget the the very premise of the question is wrong since Chicago isn’t even in the top 15 most dangerous cities in the USA


It’s not. See above. it’s an act, in order to oppose any sort of common sense gun regulations to keep the NRA money flowing and to keep the rubes back home supporting him. :woman_shrugging:


Non-X version


The next time he tries to pull this phony “I’m just a simple country boy” act I hope the person he’s addressing asks why it’s so difficult for someone who attended a top law school and Oxford to parse conversational standard English.


Thanks for the longer video. She seems very reasonable. Kennedy is basically just setting up and knocking down strawmen.

I agree with her notes about community investment and rehabilitation being a factor in the reduction in crime. Sounds like she has a cause focus on crime, not a punishment focus.


Chicagoian of almost 3 decades here: these people can go fuck themselves right off. They don’t give a rat’s ass about this city, they just like beating up on us because “oooh, librul city bad…black and brown hordes coming for your women!”

And the expert rightly pointed out that the Red states are far more deadly per capita (and in some case in absolute numbers) than Chicago.

Also, it would help this numbnuts to know that the reason we’ve got so many guns flooding this city is because right next door is Gary and Merriville, IN where there are plenty of gun stores, and Indiana has dick for licensing requirements…it’s been documented over and over and over and over and over again that the vast majority of guns used in the type of crimes he’s trying to broad brush the whole city with (gang related) come from two states which have Red state gun laws (Indiana and Wisconsin). So maybe he needs to clean up his “good guy with a gun” bullshit because it’s created the very complex, very thorny problem we have with violence on the South and West sides.

ETA: before my wife and I bought our home, we lived in her condo in Woodlawn (basically 68th and Stony Island) so we spent years in the neighborhoods (and she’d lived there for almost a decade before me) he’s maligning, and he’s got zero understanding of any of this.

ETA2: sorry for all the salty language…this particular bit of slander (and libel) about this city really pisses me off to the the exosphere. I come from MAGA Ohio, and my dad just LOVES to send me every article, Fox News clip, OAN vomit, etc about “Chiraq” and I am so f’ing over it.


This is the guy that’s supposed to come back from the dead?

Let me know when that happens…


don’t doctors recommend salad? i hear it’s very healthy.

( though, i guess it’s clear he doesn’t listen to doctors. )


Takes nine months to make one human and nine minutes to kill a hundred of them.

Gun nuts your sad miserable brand of masculinity is a shame and you should be ashamed of yourselves for your fucked up values. Your gun cult is a blight.



… “green lot” is an odd term for “park” but it’s not difficult to understand what it means :thinking:


Native Chicagoan, old enough to be your mother, and also from that area of the city (30 years):

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He’s changed his hair style and glasses. He’s looking like a cross between Mitch McConnell and Orville Redenbacher now.


Funny how the Senator from Louisiana didn’t mention the two states with multiple cities on the Forbes most dangerous list. Missouri has two (Saint Louis and Kansas City.) The “winner” with three (New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge) is somewhere close to his heart. [If he has one.]

But I’m sure Louisiana’s “winning” of the most dangerous list is offset by their presence on the safest cities list, right? Right? :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


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At least the first part’s right. He’s simple AF.


It is a lot worse than that. Louisiana had the highest per capita murder rate of any state every year for the past 3 decades. It recently was surpassed by our neighbor Mississippi (where Kennedy is from originally). Both states have obscene lack of gun regulation and Senator Kennedy has been part of gutting the gun laws.

He’s a soulless politician who says whatever is best for his career, and whether or not he knows the rate of gun violence in Louisiana I assure you that he doesn’t care