MAGA woman at Trump rally: "I'm coming here hoping I can get my surgery done" (video)

… all the nonsense about “health care reform” is especially disappointing when we realize Congress could just wave its magic wand and have Medicaid cover everybody, forever, at any time :roll_eyes:


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It never occurred to me that some MAGAist’s actual needs are as granular as their brains.


There are also more than a dozen states under Republican control who were given a huge chunk of money by the Federal Government to expand Medicaid coverage - except that they (including Texas) have refused that money because it was provided by a Democrat who they opposed. They’ve spent years trying to discover some way to divert that funding for their own purposes. It’s still available to those states if their rulership ever changes.


Should be a caveat statement to the effect of use it for its intent or loose it.

You have 24 hours.


If we had universal health care then we wouldn’t have to worry about signing up annually, applying to keep benefits, etc. We spend huge amounts of money to make sure the wrong people don’t get care and that makes it much harder for the right people to get care. But there are no right or wrong people, just people who need care.


… and it’s not like they don’t know who everybody is

All the paperwork is meant to drive people away, not establish identity — if the government suspected you or me of a crime it would take them only a few minutes to find us, even though we’ve never filled out any forms at the precinct house


If we could just get that message out - regardless of how you feel about it, you will personally save yourself hundreds of hours of useless paperwork and frustration with universal single-payer healthcare free at the point of service - it would pass in no time flat.


I’ve legit heard the (to me insane) argument about all the jobs that would be lost…in billing and coding departments.


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Hospitals underfund those departments, anyways. Then they ask manufacturers to do the work for them, which is technically illegal for them to do. Nonetheless, you see guides like this all over:


… if I get laid off my job where I deny people health care, then I won’t be able to afford health care :sob:


I do feel for her situation. Her response is, well, irrational. But the situation isn’t rational.

I strongly feel that any discussion about funding of healthcare in the US needs to start with two points:

  • Health outcomes in the US are worse than in Canada, the UK, Germany, etc. Americans die sooner, and are in worse health before they do. Infant mortality is worse. etc.
  • Canada, the UK, Germany, etc spend less tax money per capita on healthcare than the US. Medicare and Medicaid, small as they are, and covering only a tiny proportion of Americans, cost more tax dollars per capita than the health care in Canada, the UK, Germany, etc, which cover everyone.

From there, you can look at percent of GDP (excluding COVID years) spent on Healthcare:

  • Canada: 11%
  • the UK: 10%
  • Germany: 11%
  • USA: 18%

So for a whole lot of reasons apparently related to private vs public healthcare, the US spends an extra 7% of GDP. 7% of $26 Trillion is around $1.8 Trillion; about $5500 for every citizen, young and old, every year.

So who would be opposed to changing that? Anyone benefiting from that extra $1.8 Trillion.


To be fair, the UK desperately needs to significantly increase funding to the NHS, and successive governments have refused to do that for several decades now.


Fully agreed. The UK has issues with healthcare funding. The NHS is in real need.

What’s staggering to me is that the results in the US are worse and they cost more.


I’m sorry, but DAFUQ???

The hammer and sickle seems to imply she’s in favour of socialised medicine, but the comment in red says the opposite. Then there’s the spelling mistakes.


One of the reason that the American healthcare “system” is so inefficient is that we have dueling administrators trying to make sure that they don’t get stuck with the bill.


I think it’s more about suggesting that the dedicated capitalist Barack Obama is a communist.


So does the UK, because of the underfunding I have already mentioned.


This is another example of the disastrous ignorance I mentioned above.

She obviously doesn’t know anything about how Medicare works. And equally obviously she doesn’t know what “socialized medicine” is, except that it’s a Bad Thing that has something to do with socialism, which is another Bad Thing she doesn’t know or understand.

She’s been betrayed and lied to by the politicians she supports, the church she goes to, and the media she follows. She’s driven by ignorance and fear to act in ways completely against her own best interests, just like probably most of the people voting Republican.