Maggie on The Rachel Maddow Show




Well of course Texas is one of those “Red” (Communist) States that heavily invests in public infrastructure for the common good. Why, those Pinkos even subsidise mass transit at about three times the per-rider rate that we do here in Toronto.


Love that goofy Minneapolis backdrop image. It looks like you’re in a paddleboat along the banks of the Mississippi.


I saw that last night! Always nice to see BB getting a plug. Woop!


Who says I wasn’t? You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to remain poised with all that bobbing.


Well done, Maggie!


Those commies defunded abortion clinics so they could install another oil-burning power plant.


MAGGIE! MAGGIE! MAGGIE! heheh OK enough “rah-rahing”


I saw you on that segment, last night, too. Gave an out loud, “Alright, Maggie!” You came off really well, hope they bring you back more often.

And, I thought it was cool how they listed all the stuff you do in your caption, not just BB science editor, but contributor to other media as well.

Very nice, congrats!


Oh man, the blackout. Remember when something could go wrong and it wasn’t a government plot, or an example of presidential illegitimacy?

Reminiscing about accepting the fallibility of government is the new getting stoned and watching Muppet Babies.

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