Magic mushrooms in a nasal spray

Smith Rocks

Skeleton Cave


Crater Lake

The Dunes

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Black Butte

The Deschutes

What the fuck are you on about Oregon ?

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this is potentially microdosing without the grow effort and I am here for it.


Given the chance I’ll abuse the livin’ be-jezuz out of it. At almost 74 I realize I’ve been too reasoanable and moderate on too many things


As a fellow Clusterhead, I can attest to the effectiveness of 'shrooms in keeping the demon away. Good luck and live a pain free life.


It’s a fun guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll show myself out.


“Why suffer from a miserable cold when you can … wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


I liked shrooms. They seemed to have less of an edge to them than LSD. Still, if they decide to bite you, they bite HARD.


chantrelle’s are delicious and smell like apricots.


First ketamine, now psilocybin. I’ll hold off for the 2-CB spray.
Seriously, though, the work of those like Rick Doblin, Stan Grof, and others seems to have finally paid off in a general sense at least. I see this is an encouraging sign that we might still be evolving.


How to take mushrooms without or with much less of an upset stomach. Includes other benefits.

  • Grind the perfectly dried mushrooms to a powder. A kitchen blender usually works well for that.
  • Measure your desired portion of the powder (careful, read below) then mix with fresh juice from a lemon or 1-2 limes. At around pH 2 the psilocybin reacts into the pharmacologically active psilocin. Let the liquid sit for about 20 minutes, it will turn a greenish-greyish color. (This process normally happens in the stomach after the mushrooms are saturated with saliva and takes a while, which gives the stomach time to potentially complain.) You may also cook the liquid which will further break down the mushroom cells.
  • Drink the citrus juice - mushroom mix. You can add some water just before drinking to make it more palatable.

Grinding the mushrooms makes them much easier to digest and the reaction happens more quickly and completely.

Other effects:

  • Be careful… use less shrooms than you usually would. “Lemon tek” trips are a lot stronger by a factor of 3x or more.
  • Faster, cleaner onset. Around 15 - 20 minutes to “first alert”! Trips are shorter overall, around six hours to baseline.
  • Feels more like a high from fresh, non-dried mushrooms.

This is the connoisseur’s way of taking mushrooms. Note that this is not used with microdosing.


I used to use mushrooms for migraines, and a nasal spray probably would have been much better for nausea.

I always managed to avoid vomiting during the very uncomfortable phase when they were kicking in, on top of the creeping nausea I’d get with migraine onset itself but it was rough.

The mushrooms would still wreck my whole day but I was spared the bulk of the headache pain. And the late euphoric part of the trip was quietly pleasant. Still not a fun experience or anything compared to actual recreational use of the same dose.

I’m lucky that now I’ve got a sumatriptan perscription that works fine for me and that only involves avoiding vomiting for about 30 min and I’m pretty functional after an hour or two so I don’t loose my whole day, or experience the migraine hangover at all next day.

One of my friends with cluster headaches did not have enough success with psilocybin, but I wonder if this application method would make a difference. He’s generally had to go for Botox.


I’m gong to assume your friend found
This is the support group that saved my life when I first experienced them. Great folks and lots of information.


Trees and plants inhaling exhaling… waves lapping on a shoreline odor hue vibration.

Is this another “love the art, hate the artist” kind of thing?
In Ohio, legalization of medical marijuana came about because of cabals of Republicans realized how much money they could make with that monopoly.
Wait, thinking about that makes it sound more like a “bread and circuses” kind of thing.

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Before ya’ll hop on a plane to Jamaica, I’d wait and let others try it. The nasal olfactory epithelium is woven through by the olfactory nerves, which are connected to the olfactory bulb, which is directly connected to the brain.
So the psilo will go from your nose to your brain without any detour.
What could possibly go wrong?

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Cluster headaches are also called suicide headaches for a reason. Direct to the brain works just fine for me over trying to live through the level of pain that clusters give me.


I think @garnere’s point is that the coming-up will be much faster than if you were eating shrooms. More rush than Geddy Lee’s Christmas card list.

Of course, if it’s still not fast enough for you, you could always do a few whippets while you wait.

Or so I’m told.

did not know this about this person and am happy you pointed all that out for those of us previously not in the know… hmm. I’ll have to keep an eye on that bastardo then.

unfortunately in the current unregulated capitalist pharma market the fact that there are $1000 dollar shots that help some with the cluster headaches means that they think they have every right to charge you double or more of that price because it is the same but doesn’t cause the heart attack feeling.

I feel bad for all y’all with the cluster headaches. we need DIY method to nasal spray the shrooms like there were DIY people working on epipens (made the epipencil) and other medicines for the poor.


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