Do not inject mushrooms

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Why? Mushroom tea is both delicious and, you know, gets you real high. Why would you want to inject it?
Disclaimer: I may be biased as I am mortified of needles.

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Mood-altering drugs are not all the same. Opium is plant-based, LSD is synthetic (although often adulterated), and mushrooms are fungi

Opium is a drug.
LSD is drug
Mushrooms is not a drug

But, yes, making mushroom tea is not the way to chemically distill any psychoactive substance from fungi.


But did he trip ballz???

injected himself with a “tea” made from magic mushrooms


It’s really sad that addicts will constantly search for a better high, as their body becomes accustomed to it and they need to take more and more just to feel “normal.” I would not be surprised to find that this occurred in a state without legalized marijuana, as many addicts are satisfied with consuming that and inflicting far less harm on their bodies in the process.

I’m morbidly curious if the fungus he became infected with was the same fungus that he injected or if it was something else. Can’t get through the pre-proof article to find out (even when using my institution log-in, there’s nothing more than a title/DOI).


The man spent 22 days in the hospital, and even after discharge is taking antimicrobial drugs.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He’s got microbial blood.

Look out, here comes Fungimaaaaaaaaan!


At the scene of the crime,
He’ll ooze some odd enzyme.

Every time that he cries,
He shoots spores from his eyes

Fungiman, fungiman,
Does whatever a mushroom can.

Does not impress,
Much at all,
But he handles leaf mulch in Fall.

Here grows a Fungimaaaan!


This went down in Arizona, which has had legal MMJ for a while and recently civilized itself to allow recreational use.
I don’t see any connection between that and someone dumb enough to try and inject mushroom tea knowing its effects do not overlap with opiates nor help with any withdrawal an “addict” might be feeling.
I’m reminded of the people who used to ask me if I smoked peyote to get high.


Okay, but is it still okay to snort them?

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It doesn’t have the same element of absurdity; but this reminds me of reports of fungal infections following tornado injuries and in disaster scenarios generally.

There are apparently a number of fungi that are pretty chill under ordinary circumstances and are either uninterested or unsuccessful in making it through the skin; but can readily colonize tissue if introduced(in the case of the tornado-related fungi I believe it was particularly common in people with piercing injuries from presumably infectious debris).


This is strange object stuck in your rectum dumb.

Tea is already a way to accelerate absorption and metabolism since it’s re-hydrated. You get high 10x faster than eating them in solid/dry form. So he wanted to speed THAT up. Idiot.


From what I read, it was, in fact, the same mushroom he injected himself with (on top of some other infections), as unlikely as it that sounds. Which means if they had let the infection go a little longer, people could have gotten high by eating him.


Must have thought he was going to enter the Matrix

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This is why intravenous drug users need to be provided not only with clean needles, but clean reindeer as well.


I wonder if there is any case law concerning whether being a controlled substance counts as possession of a controlled substance.


Assuming comedy comment here :wink:

But i’d guess in the lungs wouldn’t be that different to in the blood :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad he got to the hospital in time to stop it. The long-term effects if left untreated are not great.