Spiritual leader? Take shrooms for science!


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Do Pastafarians count?


So is the the Pope going to do it?


I am a Ronald Reagan, Carl Sagan, San Diegan pagan…


That GIF looks like some poisonous-ass shrooms.


That’s what I was thinking. I wouldn’t eat those.


Leucocoprinus species. Probably mildly poisonous, but not likely to give you any worse than a serious stomach ache.


Religious and spiritual leaders, is it? Are they trying to find out if psilocybin is a cure for pedophilia?

In my experience any self-identified spiritual leader isn’t.

Anybody who’s really working on the spiritual level isn’t going to touch this with a ten foot pole.


Expertise in what, exactly?


Hurrah, I was ordained by the Universal Life Church back in the 80s! Sign me up!


Back when it meant something! …unlike all those hipster Johnny-come-latelies that filled out some random form on a website in the 90’s.

I still haven’t performed a marriage ceremony, though I once threatened to wed two people at a bar if they didn’t stop fighting.


Yeah, seriously, I had to work for it, darn it. You know, find a stamp and an envelope, and send it through the snail mail… Those were rough times, I tell you. Rough!


I married three people once.


I figure ULC ordination is as close as I’ll ever come to having superpowers.


Doubt I qualify anyway but this sounds like a pretty terrifying way to take shrooms.

At least I’m assuming—because I have not taken shrooms—that like everything else (see coffee, tea, booze, and any other legal mood alterers) your mindset and environment have an effect on your experience. Living room indeed.


Do that in my living room for a guaranteed bad trip. How about a lovely gazebo at the edge of a forest? Being indoors would just make me claustrophobic.


Watching the mushrooms stand up and open in gif I heard the music for the mushroom dance from Fantasia.


The line between “psychedelic” and “poisonous” is a rather grey area. Basically, pretty much anything that can kill you will send you tripping at an appropriate dosage and vice-versa. The dose makes the poison.

The psychedelic experience is essentially the consequence of mild neurological poisoning. The defining factor of good psychedelics are lack-of-permanent-injury and a high therapeutic index (i.e. “how much to kill me?” divided by “how much to have fun?”).

A bit of serotonergic impact doesn’t hurt, either; that tends to make the difference between “fun and giggly” vs “intense but traumatic”.


Yes, very much so. Set and setting are key.

(my general rule? Never go tripping with people you’d be embarrassed to see in the morning if you all end up in a naked mudfight during the evening)


Outdoor psychedelics are problematic in Australia. You never know when it’s going to seem like a sensible idea to try and pet the pretty snake.