Religious leaders tripping balls... for science


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Ironic that they haven’t found a Hindu participant yet, given that some of the earliest accounts of what appears to be religious trippin’ (soma) are in the Rigveda, estimated to be over 3000 years old.


That’s scary.

That’s encouraging.


Our world would be in a much better place if all world leaders (political, ecomomic and religious) ate mushrooms regularly.


will has a lot to do with getting up mountains, that one in particular.


Imagine the possibilities.


This magical fungi grew in a cow pasture behind the school chapel. Students knew about it. Locals knew about it. Whether or not the ministers knew about has yet to be determined.


If you were brown and Muslim (or frequently mistaken for Muslim) in America, would you trust someone who said “give us all your information, then take these illegal drugs. No, totally, it’s all been cleared! You won’t get in any trouble, we swear…”


Is Father Guido Sarducci available ?

“This shit is weak compared to what we get at The Vatican. Have you ever tried the flesh and blood of a god ?”


Yes, that’s exactly what it does for them. :wink: Not that I’d know, personally.

@stinkinbadgers Other encouraging news, the effects of even a single psilocybin trip on “Openness” (the Big 5 personality trait) appear to be permanent:


procedural note: Presbyterians, as part of the reformed tradition, don’t have priests… though they do have elders and pastors.


And they wouldn’t all have to be the same shrooms either.


Besides, among world religions… just sayin’.


From the headline I assumed they were all Unitarians.


I’m an ordained minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Can I get in on this?


Not every trip should be described as “tripping balls.” Thank you.


I would be much more concerned if they all didn’t really believe in it.


Good luck getting a major Evangelical preacher (i.e. Megachurch-level), or an LDS General Authority…


It’s so nice knowing this research is taking place several minutes from my home and office and where my butt currently sits. :slight_smile:

They are also doing ketamine research to treat depression, which apparently works wonders.

Oh, and as far as “tripping leads to spiritual insights?”

Uh, duuuuh! :wink:


You’re their connection, bro