Seattle cops give away mini-Doritos with weed law advice at "Hempfest"


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I like it. A great outreach program idea, combined with a good sense of humor.


The law is a bit crazy. As one police spokesman said, it is perfectly legal to buy marijuana on the street. The person who sells it commits a felony.


I think this is a great idea: that the police exist to make sure the law is upheld, not just to catch those people that break it.


Personally, I like to throw peanuts at alcoholics.


Huh? It’s legal to posses smallish amounts of it and laaaaarge amounts of hash oil. It’s still not legal to buy it in Seattle from non-MM clinic or approved WA Liquor Control Board approved retail locations (that don’t exist yet).

From the SPD’s marijuana faq: . In the meantime, production and distribution of non-medical marijuana remains illegal.

Buying pot is not really addressed from the police point of view.

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The only nit I have to pick here is catering to the all-pervasive stoner stereotype, munching on Doritos and Taco Bell, watching nothing but other goofy stoners on the teevee (Cheech & Chong, ‘Dude Where’s My Car’, ‘Half Baked’, etc).

Where’s the stoner who, for example, enjoys some Dulce De Leche Caramel ice cream while watching the total visual mind-bender that is ‘Citizen Kane’?

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You must be unfamiliar with the word “distribution”.

I know the word, which differs from receiving.

Maybe it’s my generation but I can’t say I think one ounce bags of Doritos are miniature. One ounce used to be a serving.

I think it is the Doritos themselves which are miniature, not the serving size. We don’t do miniature when it comes to serving size in We-ville.

The law in a democracy represents, at any time, a compromise between opinions.

So, it is irrational to expect logical consistency.


Sorry. Because Cory wrote “A program called “Operation Orange Fingers” will see Seattle cops will welcoming attendees at this weekend’s Hempfest with miniature bags of Doritos with links to the department’s Marijwhatnow? guide to staying on the right side of the state’s law that decriminalized simple possession of sub-one-ounce quantities of marijuana.” I assumed it was the bags that were being called “miniature.” Cory is a wordsmith, and I would have thought he would have said “…bags of miniature Doritos…” if it was the actual chips that were being called small. You may be right. His grammar is uncharacteristically untidy as well. “… will see Seattle cops will welcoming attendees…” is a pretty awkward turn of phrase too.

Remember that it’s 65% air

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