Magical ring juggling



Beautiful, but I find myself wondering if amelymeloptical is a word.

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just don’t read the comments on that video. full of morons who couldn’t be bothered to google “contact ring juggling” and who claim the video was photoshopped, they don’t even know which apps you use to edit video. sighs

youtube comments are the worst.

this video is neat because it uses other rings as well.


Well, I learned something new today. And it was pretty cool and I’m pretty impressed with the skills, but… I really wish people weren’t using the cheesey euro house mystic music in almost every video.



This sort of thing makes life nice again:

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Or, you know, you could just not scroll down. :slight_smile:

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I must say, I never considered the music of Yann Tiersen to be house music. The lack of four-on-the-floor, or, indeed any drums at all in this piece would seem to support my point. Then again, I thought of him as a film composer, and according to Wikipedia, he would disagree with that as well, so, who knows?

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thanks for the info.

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