Watching someone juggle from above delivers the magic of a new perspective

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Thematic ReBoing!
And, TBH, neither of these two new videos is quite as ‘flat’ as the original, below. It is easier to see the rise and fall in these two than it was in the original.

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That “stand in front of a wall” advice is really awful, by the way. Yes people learning throw forward. Trace the cause… it is because they are avoiding collisions. Trace the cause… it is because they are used to throwing from one hand to the other, instead of past the other. Make your throws go sufficiently wide, not to your hands, and you will stop throwing forward.

Every now and then I see someone who stood in front of a wall and learned to avoid the collisions by reaching their hands forward enough and throwing backward at themselves. This requires one to avoid collisions by depth perception and is not sustainable (i.e. past 3 balls).

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I learned from a much older book. There was no standing in front of the wall section. Instead, you learned how to toss back and forth with one ball so you learn how to throw to yourself. Then you did it with two balls so you could learn how to throw a ball as another is incoming for you to catch. Once you had that technique, the transition to 3 was easy. Spent a month one summer between 7th and 8th grade teaching myself based on those tips. Have never forgotten. Picked up four ball juggling later in life for kicks, but never as proficiently as the woman in the videos.

Raaaah I reiterate, she’s good, and the music and photography are also not bad at all.
I really will have to try and imitate some of her moves, but at times I coulda sworn she had four arms… that particular trick is going to be tough to pull off.

Very cool. I do think the coolest-looking parts are when she looks like she’s rearranging data in the Matrix.


@anothernewbbaccount’s video is very similar in this regard.

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Interesting. I learned in a kneeling position because a) it kept me from running forwards and forced a bit of introspection when the balls flew out of reach, and b) it was easier to keep picking them up when I didn’t have to bend down as far. b, mostly.

I learned the same method. I did it when I was 15. If I remember correctly it was

  1. Throw one ball from one hand to another in a rainbow arc. Took my about 3 days to do this well
  2. Throw one ball from one hand to the other, and drop a second ball at the right time. Took a half day
  3. Throw one ball from one hand to the other and throw a second back to the first hand at the right time. Took two days.
  4. At this point you know how to juggle. Add a third ball. Took a half day/the rest of my life.

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