Man learning to juggle shows us difference between Day 1 and Day 30

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This is the book I learned with as a teenager. Practicing is key but you can get the basic techniques down in under an hour.

Most newbies have trouble with throwing the balls outward rather than up so working against a wall until you develop a smooth motion is helpful.


This. And 3 objects is easy peasy. Some of the tricks not so much but most are simple. It mostly convincing the brain you can do it.

10 minutes is also a good stopping time for practice as this is one thing where you start screwing up more as you get tired.


this is also very much a “like riding a bike” skill; once you’ve got it, you’ve got it for life even if you quit for a long time.


I can attest to this. Also if you get it down to muscle memory you can be can’t walk a straight line intoxicated but still pick up 3 balls/beanbags and throw a basic cascade nicely. Not that I umm know from experience or anything…ahem.

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If you get to 0:50 he is juggling pretty well for Day 1, throwing and catching three balls for several cycles. He is not starting from zero skill (i.e., the way I juggle - throw one ball, drop two).

Warning - if you have a cat on your desk, turn your speakers down. Now, to pick up some papers…


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