Magnificent footage of the Matterhorn (video)

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Just wow! I wish I wasn’t so terrified of heights because [bizarrely] I’d love to go climbing - but as soon as I get anywhere near an edge my willpower just vanishes.

And if you like mountains and drones - DJi went even higher recently:

Also known as Barazinbar, Redhorn, Caradhras the Cruel.

(More seriously, impressive video!)


Meh. You can tell it’s fake because there’s no voice repeating, “Remain seated please. Permanecer sentados, por favor.”

Everything I needed to learn about the matterhorn I learned from the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

(the bit with the Saint Bernard was the best!)

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But what about the cloud where there should be no cloud? j/k

A favorite ride at church carnivals and Cedar Point.

I drove up Pikes Peak once. 85 degrees when we left snowing at the top.

It was as close to a religious experience as I ever got.(except for that white light thingy)

We were above the clouds. Amazing stuff. There’s a shoebox somewhere with photos from my old Nikon.

I want to go back up some day.

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