Mahler arranged for ZX Spectrum




It had to be Mahler? Ugh.


From Matt Westcott’s site

Chapter 19 of the Spectrum BASIC programming manual introduced the BEEP statement, with an example program that played a few bars of Mahler’s first symphony. In the ‘exercises’ section at the end of the chapter, the author left a cheeky assignment for the reader: program the computer to play the rest of Mahler’s first symphony.

We’re going to take on that challenge, not just on one computer, but linked together to form a Spectrum orchestra.

Matt is a member of my local hackspace in Oxford, and I remember the request for equipment to do this. My Spectrum stopped working in the early 90s though, so I couldn’t help.


Well, his symphonies are really big, so that’s a plus. And long.


Here’s the full performance


I nearly got suspended at secondary school for timing all of the BBC Micros to play the theme from Airwolf simultaneously in the middle of a Computer Literacy lesson.

Happy days.


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