Mahler arranged for ZX Spectrum


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It had to be Mahler? Ugh.

From Matt Westcott’s site

Chapter 19 of the Spectrum BASIC programming manual introduced the BEEP statement, with an example program that played a few bars of Mahler’s first symphony. In the ‘exercises’ section at the end of the chapter, the author left a cheeky assignment for the reader: program the computer to play the rest of Mahler’s first symphony.

We’re going to take on that challenge, not just on one computer, but linked together to form a Spectrum orchestra.

Matt is a member of my local hackspace in Oxford, and I remember the request for equipment to do this. My Spectrum stopped working in the early 90s though, so I couldn’t help.

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Well, his symphonies are really big, so that’s a plus. And long.

Here’s the full performance

I nearly got suspended at secondary school for timing all of the BBC Micros to play the theme from Airwolf simultaneously in the middle of a Computer Literacy lesson.

Happy days.

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