This Must Be the 8-Bit Place: Chiptunes Talking Heads


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ugh FAKEBIT (as usual) -8bits equivalent to autotune

Y’know, David Byrne & Co are having some kind of groundswell resurgence, like everyone in the world is getting into them. Speaking in Tongues was my first album, played 9,000 times.

The great thing is that this particular song seems as if Byrne wrote it specifically for 8-bit synth.

Meh. Still my favorite This Must be the Place cover:
Miles Fisher - This Must Be The Place


I could never get past the first boss fight (Big Suit Byrne).

The first album I ever bought was Talking Heads 77, but whatever.

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surely you must have played it OVER 9000 ??

And yeah, of course everything in art is cyclical, pop music even more so.

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the new ringtone for when your house calls your cell

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