Maine shooter found dead

I’m going to need to see some documentation on that. It sounds highly unlikely. Veterans only make up about 6% of the population.

Perhaps it’s correct for Federal referrals because who else would the Feds refer? Not a lot of people are under Federal care for their health. Federal employees have private health plans.

But the more important question is - what is that as a percentage of all NICS referrals?


One would think that is more than obvious. WTAF?!


A useful fantasy for the Republican party, because they can’t win without appealing to people whose identities are intertwined with dangerous weapons in unhealthy ways. American conservatives are experts at mining what Hofstatder called the paranoid style of American politics for their own benefit. Anyone spreading their lies and BS while actual people are getting shot by powerful firearms is doing the work of the far right whether they know it or not.


Speaking as a doc, this is one of the most ludicrous scenarios I’ve heard, and speaks to a lack of understanding of how the whole system works. I almost wish it could be that simple to get folks mental health care when they need it. It is most certainly not. And involuntary commitment is not an easy, not lightly taken, step. This does not happen “to take a gun off the streets.”


So is putting an individual’s finances in the hands of a fiduciary, which implies a problem a bit more serious than “he’s bad with money” – a problem that also indicates that the individual might not make for a “responsible gun owner”.

I’m sorry you had to even hear such an outrageous slander of your profession.


With how often we hear about people with guns being confused and shooting some innocent - including family members - that it seems obvious that anyone who is out of it enough to need fiduciary oversight is also not a good candidate to retain any firearms.

What those who oppose any gun regulation seem to forget is that it’s not the moments when people are at their best that determine if they can be responsible with firearms - it’s when they are at their worst.


So … very personal disclosure here. I’m currently undergoing therapy for suicide prevention. My SP therapist asked about firearms in the house, as did my regular therapist. I actually do have one functioning rifle and I keep it locked up in a difficult to access location. The only ammunition I have for it is a single box, heavily sealed, that I have stored in a completely different part of the house.

If it wasn’t locked away like that, I’d have given it up quite happily for the same reason I’ve placed barriers on other immediate threats to myself. (I’m keeping my insulin in a locked container.) This isn’t discouraging gun owners to not seek mental health, it’s encouraging them to not fucking kill themselves. I don’t really consider that difficult to understand!


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I’m so glad you’re getting support. Take care of yourself, please. I really value your voice here.


Hope that you’re doing well currently, and that you have a pet nearby to give you lots of love and snuggles


“Pilots are also known to avoid seeing docs, especially mental health professionals, because they want to fly, and if they see a doc, they can’t fly … An aviation college wouldn’t have an about it if people weren’t avoiding seeking help.”

No, that’s not true. Pilots don’t get their flight status revoked for SEEING a physician. They get their flight status revoked for having health conditions that could make them a Danger to the public. And they have required medical checkups to make sure they are healthy enough to fly planes, an occupation that requires a lot of responsibility and comes with a lot of risk to the pilot and the general public.


I get my therapy online so I’ve had at least one session with a large black cat snuggled very soundly up my chest and across my shoulder. Thank you and @Mindysan33 for the well wishes – glad to report that it is really helping!

(ETA: “and”!)


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glad to hear it!


I second the other replies in all regards, and wish you all needed healing.


“What happens if” is a remarkable rhetorical device, isn’t it, skipping lithely over the issue of plausibility and rendering it irrelevant

“Sure, sure, it doesn’t happen, BUT WHAT IF IT DID?”


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