“Mainstream media is the Real Fake News!” says National Enquirer


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An attempt to chart media brands on the fake-real spectrum

Th real money is in being the real fake Fake News.


I think we need Bat Boy to weigh in on this one.



When I knew that everyone else knew that “tabloid journalism” was at best greatly exaggerated and more likely completely false - I was okay with it as it was so ludicrous.

Then I learned that there were some people who believed it and I held those people in derision and the tabloids with scorn.

Now that it seems that more people than I would have ever guessed believe this malarkey I look at these news print rags with disgust.


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Real fake news?


Maybe it’s time for people to start bringing suit against fake news. You wanna say your news is real, and the MSM is fake, fine, prove it in court. Imagine if Hillary, or the owners of Comet Ping Pong decided to file a libel suit against anyone and everyone promoting the “pizzagate” conspiracy? Hey, wasn’t Trump himself going to make it easier to sue the media?


“Mainstream media is the Real Fake News!” says National Enquirer

Obviously the phrase “consider the source” comes to mind.


I saw Waitrose in Botley (in the UK) were selling the National Enquirer the other day. I don’t know who they were planning to sell it to considering who shops there (mostly middle class Guardian readers).


Weekly world news. Weekly world news. Weekly world news.


If you’re interested in the origins of People and Us magazines, I’d highly recommend Tim Wu’s latest work, “The Attention Merchants” (Knopf, 2016).


Apparently that unnamed source mistook me for Hillary Clinton.


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