Majority of Japanese want to postpone or cancel Olympics

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Rarely is a country gifted with such a gold-plated excuse to undo such a horrendous mistake. The Olympics have been beneath the notice of any remotely democratic or self-respecting country for a while now. It was really starting to show—remember when some IOC functionaries tried to boss around the literal King of Norway and the country told them to go fuck themselves, leaving them with nowhere to go but back to China?

You can’t undo whatever slime of corruption and waste the IOC dragged into your country already, Japan, but you can at least save yourself the nightmare of actually putting on the pageant. And there’ll be some satisfaction in lowering the bribe price for the next victim.


i presume some quantifier belongs after the 2.


On a sign in front of a construction site, Akira teases that Neo-Tokyo will be the site of the 2020 Olympic Games, just like how regular Tokyo in the real world was going to be the site of the 2020 Olympics until they were postponed because of COVID-19. In Akira , the sign promoting the Olympics also has a message in Japanese advocating for unity: “With everyone’s support, let’s make this a success.” People don’t seem to be buying that, though, because underneath is some graffiti that reads “Just cancel it”—another parallel to our 2020, and one that reflects a deeper connection between Akira and what we’re going through.


I dunno; that seems kinda cheap.



One sheet of paper, an envelope, and international postage to the IOC… I think $2 sounds about right. :upside_down_face:


Unfortunately for the Japanese people, they don’t really have any say as to whether the Olympics are held in their country or not.


why do you say that? They could have, at any time, demanded their government not give up what the IOC grifters want, and the IOC grifters will go somewhere else.




Yes! The youth olympics was near me in January 2020, and probably as a result the Valley de Joux home care service lost 25% of their clients. If you respect your elders, stay home.


Something, something, Taco Bell…

I’ve spent most of the week trying to arrange (cancellable) hotels in Tokyo for the Olympics. Has been a massive amount of work, and utterly futile as I’m sure it’s going to be cancelled for the second time.

Was so happy when I managed to get tickets (trip of a lifetime!), but it’s all got a bit of a bitter taste now. Lost a chunk of money last year on bookings I couldn’t cancel / wasn’t covered by insurance.

I still live in some sort of hope that vaccinations will ramp up fast enough… but right now I feel like there’s a vanishingly small chance spectators will be allowed to travel there.

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As far as postponement goes I think they can maybe nudge a month or two. The IOC has already expressed that they wouldn’t postpone beyond 2021, which isn’t entirely unreasonable. At some point you have to cut your losses and move on to 2024.

I’ve requested a refund for my tickets. Even if it goes ahead, I expect the number of spectators to be severely limited so holding a ticket at this point is no guarantee of being able to attend.

I didn’t need to worry about accommodation because many of my family live in Tokyo. We are still hopefully that we will get to Japan this year but I’m not betting on when that will be.

2020 was the first time in 20 years that I have not been to Japan.

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