Make a drawer that opens with your secret knock


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Not too shabby. But for REAL hidden storage, this is the king:

Secret magnet-activated latches, hidden releases, the works. A James Bond fantasy in wood. . .

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That is completely not kid-proof – any snoopy seven-year-old can figure it out in thirty seconds or less (speaking as a former snoopy seven-year-old who watched and read a lot of mysteries, I was always looking for neat stuff like that)…

So. . .you’d find the right book on the shelf, and the magnet stuck in it, and move that book to the right spot on a DIFFERENT shelf ?

I’ve got a friend with a Q-line: NOTHING opens unless the magnet is in the right spot, with a tolerance of only an inch or two, , ,

I’d say it was FAIRLY kid-proof. Not that being kidproof is the objective of furniture like this. . .

Hidden compartments are cool and should I ever build a house it will certainly contain such a feature or features. That said, I notice that nearly all the hidden compartments in the QLine images contain weaponry of various sorts (but mostly high-powered guns). And while I’d love to have a fully customized Kimber 1911 .45 ACP sitting on my shelf, it’s a little creepy to me that weapons figure so highly as things that need to be hidden.
In any case (pun intended), it does look like nice furniture with which to hide one’s armory. And since I’m speaking of guns, is it now standard practice to add that I’m not attempting to start a flame war?

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Of course I would. Easy peasy. At that age, I also took apart my mom’s stereo and put it back together and it worked perfectly.

Out-thinking the grown-ups was my favourite pastime…made all the more easier by the fact adults always vastly underestimated the intelligence of children…

I’m holding out for the system Richie Rich had.

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If this ends up anything like text-based passwords, expect a lot of “shave and a haircut…”


If I had built a dozen of those, I would have designed a custom circuit board for the last eleven of them.

So I assume it’s battery operated . . . and if the battery goes dead the drawer is permanently locked?

You beat me to it… that will be like the 12345 briefcase combination.

Why wouldn’t it just use rare earth magnets? We use magnetic locks I installed on our cabinets to prevent the kids from drinking the toilet cleaner, I assume a custom cabinetmaker could really do a good job of it.

Well, I’d consider the fear many gun owners have of confiscation, and, frankly, if you have enough cash for all those high-end weapons, you probably also have the coin for some “neat” furniture. . .You have to admit, it’s definitely something a Walter Mitty-type with the occasional James Bond fantasy would find it pretty cool. . .

Oh, definitely. However, I’m thinking that if a nasty whoever is in my house and needing to be properly ventilated, my excitement at that moment may not be helpful when trying to place the magnetic catch just so.

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Well, that’s why I keep one under the pillow just in case. Yee-haw, cowboy.

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If by “confiscation” you mean “theft by burglars”, their fears are not paranoid delusions and this type of furniture is arguably more secure than a typical gun safe.

This gizmo is power-line operated. The black cord is a wall-wart power adapter cord.

Read the news lately ? There have been official confiscations in New York and California. It’s not JUST burglars.

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Citation please. Not snarky, interested.

First, California:

These are ex-post-facto confiscations, and may be triggered by someone “deemed” mentally unstable.

Some California Pols say it hasn’t gone far enough:

Now, New York and NYC in particular:

As far as any general confiscation buzz, hit up nearly any RTKBA board, and you’ll hear stories about “tragic boating accidents” in which all a persons guns were. . . “lost”. . .

I realize, that as an outspoken Conservative, here on BoingBoing, my opinions don’t generally fit into the groupthink of the vast majority of Happy Mutants, but I will state that I think that any general attempt at gun confiscation will not go well. . .