A hidden drawer in a drawer


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I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house

Just the place to keep your Death Note.


It’s pretty handy for some minor concealment, but not a theft deterrent. It’s usually standard practice to take drawers out and dump the contents, if the drawer has a hidden compartment they’d be able to feel the items inside and the added weight.


Do you want to amend that with IANAB (I am not a burglar)?


Don’t see why it’s necessary, I don’t see the many blog posts about lockpicking and hacking have that lol. Even if i was then it’d probably give added weight to my post, but there’s enough existing resources showing basic methodologies of how people prioritize their time when stealing from a home.


For meta-ness I suggest keeping a pair of these in it.


[Massive array of handguns sold separately.]


“You can put your weeeeeeed in it…”



The fact that one of the guns has a suppressor on it suggests to me that this isn’t about hiding things from burglars.



you have to have a suitable sized draw in the first place
when you’ve seen six foot wide draws that are four foot deep
you will alter-vista

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