Make a hollow pencil to hide stuff in it


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Why not just use an opaque mechanical pencil, which comes pre-hollowed?


Best part of the video: Can this fake pencil fool this cat into thinking it’s a real pencil? Sure, why not!

Seems like a fun project though.


I was thinking a ballpoint pen could hold both one rolled up square of toilet paper and the ink barrel, making it still usable.

And also Jean Genet who started writing in prison. He’d write pages and pages and the guards kept taking his papers away. After a while you’d think they’d have been smart enough to take his pencil.


That AM Oldies station narration makes we want to use the pencil to hollow out my ear drums.


But how wold that pen sell you a razor?


But will it fool Cuddles the drug sniffing dog?


That look like a good place to store my other, smaller pencil.


Toilet paper? You know that thing is going to be full of blow.



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