Prison pen is bendy, "non-lethal"


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If I braid twenty or thirty together, can I make a garrote?


There’s this also. Not much penetration:


Is that Donald Trump’s official pen?


Ha! Perhaps unofficial; he wouldn’t want to validate the tiny hands stories, you know.


Only if I agree on the target victim. Hm. Who could it be?


Only for those who lack creativity.


Too thick, it would be like you writing with a pringles can.


Well, it is only mightier than a bendy sword…


It’s amazing what some of those prison folks can do with a seemingly harmless array of common objects.



This is why he’d love a tiny pen! It’d make his hands look normal-sized.


I stand corrected.


Just require that anyone who uses a pen or pencil in prison has to do that rubber pencil illusion at all times:



Somehow I suspect a few dozen wraps with wet toilet paper, allowed to dry, will make this a perfectly functional shiv.

The Out-Of-Context Conversation
The Out-Of-Context Conversation

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If I melt it, will it harden when it cools?


Those things make wicked whips!


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