Make a "laser grid" obstacle course with yarn


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To simulate an alarm system going off when the beams break, hang small jingle bells (from an arts and crafts store) from the yarn.

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I’m getting Crystal Maze flashbacks.

We did this for $kid’s birthday party 2 weeks ago (along with other jedi like things – yay for pool noodle lightsabers), though it was string wrapped through a swingset. Lots of fun, and scaled well from 3yr olds to 11yr.

Lol, I have to try this with my kids!

OK, don’t want to be a buzzkill but, being a dad here, I hope this area is monitored by an adult at all times and not left up when the kids are done.

That’s a lot cheaper, though far less realistic than my version for my nieces and nephews.

Feet grow back, right?

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Lets also hope the string isn’t bound into a whip and used to drive teams of kitteh-drawn-carriages around the house.

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Make sure the string cabinate is locked up as well, in case they try to put it together themselves. And the paper drawer, in case they think they could just draw a laser game with crayons – paper cuts can be deadly, folks.

You forgot to say you’re concerned.

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Your nieces and nephews are salamanders, right? No problem!

I thought my concern was implicit.

For better feedback when the kids touch a wire, make e maze with copper wire and then hook up a small 9v battery to it. Wet down the floor, and they will know for certain when they have triggered the “alarm”…

I also had a somewhat concerned reaction, thinking of kids who get tangled up in mini blind cords and asphyxiate.

As long as the strings are taped to things and can break away, rather than being firmly tied, it’s probably okay. Also probably a good idea to not set up any laser strings on or near stairs. Strings at neck level and gravity aren’t necessarily a good combination.

The new “Twister”.

Nah, 9 volts won’t do it; you need an electric fencer. Almost makes me wish I had kids.

Smoke machine, bulk purchase of laser pointer keychains off eBay.

Gosh. When you’re not looking they could eat the string or use it to create an underground network of secret string-and-cup phones with which they will plan the overthrow of adult decency and authority.
I mean my gosh!

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