Dad makes awesome toddler toy


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I’d play with the door stops all day! Who doesn’t love the sound they make?


Wait…is he calling tech support?


When your toddler gets up at 5am on a Saturday?..not so much. That’s why I predict THAT particular feature will get deleted…


Pretty great idea, but toddlers seem to have a preternatural ability to tell which of two identical objects has been assigned as “theirs” and instantly lose interest in favor of the other…My wife donated her wireless mouse to our baby and got a new one. You can guess which one lies sadly abandoned in the middle of the floor, and which one continues to make stray cut-and-paste edits to documents…


Next time a friend has a kid turning 1, I am totally going to do this as a present. What a great idea.


Where the f@ck are my keys? Why is there toilet paper all over the damn floor? Crap, who ate all my prescription medication? Who left the gate to the pool open? Timmy? TIMMY?!


Or, does yours sleep-in that late?



Just do it. I made one myself, a bit different of course, more small things from the hardware store. But a total hit, for a long time.
Tip: take a good solid background, so the stuff attached can be later on ‘upgraded’. Or replaced…, you have no idea how strong totters can be.


My first thought. The only thing missing is practice for loading bullets into a gun.


Good stuff.

I gave my kid her own key chain to play with. You can get free brand new keys from you local locksmith shop from their ‘oops’ pile. The Kid naturally wasn’t interested.

Be careful though, keys made from brass most likely contain a few percent lead. And keys that don’t look like brass can be nickel plated brass. Surface lead will transfer to hands and (then to) mouth. Same thing with some of that brass hardware in the picture.


And there’s no way this could possibly lead to your kid running around, taking phones off their hook and unlocking all your deadbolts and latches.


Awesome. Sadly, I see several things that would make it unable to be sold as a consumer toy product.


Stick an encrypted iPhone on there and let the FBI watch how it’s done.


Aye, there’s all kinds of ways for small fingers to get pinched on that thing.

Still, I suspect it’s at least a little cheaper than the plastic round-cornered equivalent, plus it can be disassembled for parts once it has served its purpose.


You don’t need to go to that much effort. Kids are fascinated by pretty much anything. I saw a toddler lurching down the street this morning, carefully and painstakingly inspecting each of a series of identical, essentially featureless concrete bollards.


My friends toddler has figured out how to get out of bed, go downstairs, unlock the iPad and facetime his Mother… at 5am on Saturday.

Thats one hell of a wake up call!


I made one of these for our toddler. Probably spent more time making it than he did playing with it, mind.


I like the pointy things at toddler-eye-level.


Our puppy accidentally hit one while running. It made the noise. She froze. Waited. Nothing. She backed up slowly past the doorstop. Ran forward. It made the noise. She froze. Waited. Nothing. She backed up slowly past the doorstop. Ran forward. It made the noise. She froze.

At this point I was on the floor laughing.

She carefully looked around. Spotted the source of the sound. Bounced over to it. Stared at it for several seconds. Sniffed it. Took off for other adventures.

Apparently, even puppies like the sound they make.