Make a "perpetually"-flying paper airplane


A better resource for building a more stable flyer:

Slatter Harrison started with telephone book pages as shown on the Smithsonian site, but found them too dependent on humidity. So he start building them out of thin slices of foam. He posts some great videos and I use his resources to teach flight to my middle school kids every year.

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Great, thanks!

Slater Harrison’s Science toy Maker site is great – really comprehensive and full of very clear explanations of how to build and in particular, fly these things, which can be a little tricky at times. Great history of how this kind of paper plane developed there too at his Walkalong Glider Inventors’ Interview Page.

Also well worth checking out is John Collins’s Paper Airplane Guy site. John invented the Tumblewing and knows more than a ton about this stuff.

Thanks for the additional info, Steve! And belated congrats on the book!

I had to see some video… it’s incredible, this guy pushes his along with his face.

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