Make: "Pie Another Day," a no-bake James Bond Oreo pie


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I think I’m fine up until Step #9.

Once you hit Step#10, with the fine motor control required to paint using a toothpick — Nope, I’m out. Not to mention the pain of flipping and transferring the pieces without destroying, melting, or consuming them. So, I can get a very nice cheesecake pie, but I think the James Bond theme is beyond my abilities.


You’d think that you don’t have the skill but melters are a very forgiving medium.

Also, I highly recommend getting the “white chocolate” easter bunnies and decorating them. :wink:


It’s not so much “skill” as “the movements of my fingers shaking is larger, at that scale, than the details I am trying to create.”

Speak not the name of the abomination!


Needs more chocolate topping… The swirl is not enough.


Seriously; that crap is an affront to cocoa, and all things tasty.


hey, I like both colours of mousse au chocolate!

(but then I would not disagree with anyone describing me as abomination…)



& @nimelennar - you’ll notice I did not say EAT it! Its just an excellent medium if you’re going to make zombie easter bunnies!


Nice! :sunglasses:


Oh, cooking with white “chocolate” is a tad bit different; for instance, I don’t mind it in Black & White or Macademia cookies…

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