Watch chef make Baby Sonic cake then slice its adorable face off

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mmm tasty baby blue hedgehog.


I’m having trouble telling which features are present that qualify this as Baby Sonic and not Adult Sonic with Dilated Pupils. Perhaps this one is more tender?


I’m really confused about that modeling chocolate stuff,
is it supposed to be edible food???

It is edible. It’s chocolate or candy melts + corn syrup + optional coloring; they’re melted together to make a play-dough kind of thing.
A lot of baking competitions require the thing to be some percentage edible and some percentage cake, as opposed to all the plastic supports and forms inside. Molding chocolate and rice crispy treats are considered edible, so you can build using edible styrofoam and decorate using edible clay.

I just realized I’ve watched far too many baking competitions on Netflix. But Nailed It has multiple foreign and holiday versions, and there was a new season of GBBS…


Does it taste good?

If you like good chocolate, no. If you’re the kind of person who likes chocolate-flavored confections (e.g., the teenager in our house who eats anything sweet), it “tastes OK”.

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