Make Snail Art by dipping them in food coloring and unleashing them on paper


Disrespectful of animals and nature.

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As a kid I loved letting snails crawl up a piece of glass so I could watch their muscular foot–which looked like a whitish rectangle that moved from one end of their underside to the other. I think a more interesting piece of snart would be to do that, but trace the snail’s path with a marker on the opposite side of the glass. Use different colors and you’d have an unusual piece you could hang in the window.

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What I want to know is how you got the leashes on them in the first place…


I’d love to do this and have a near endless supply of snails in my rockery but can anyone confirm that this is really safe for the snails? I imagine that using food grade dye should be fine, but I’m no snail.

Side question - Is it safe for chickens to eat food-coloring-dyed snails?


Wait, does this count as exploitation of animals? Wait til PETA finds out.

Now do the same, but with babies.


I can’t believe anyone would think this is ok to do to any animal. In this f-ed up consumer culture, everything is usable and dispensable! What does this teach your kids? How will you explain if they try to do the same thing with their cats next time?

People have been making art by applying non-toxic pigments to cats (and other household pets) for some time now.

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last summer i saw The Monsters Within me on Animal Planet…snails carry a deadly virus…wash all vegetables; and as children are concerned…their fingers are always in their mouths. if you want to play with snails, don’t forget the salt.

Not to mention the olive oil and garlic.

That’s awkward. Use an “invisible fence” for snails.

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Explain to the little tykes that all property is theft, and that the concept of “owning” an animal is anethema, and release the noble beast back into the wilds it yearns for in its heart.

Then cover the kid’s eyes the next day when you see a coyote feasting on it in the backyard.

That’s not snail art, this is snail art (or snail porn, depending on your perspective.) Although, mixing the two and i guess you get an edible body paint thing happening, if the snails are into it…

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