Make: Soviet themed launch-code box complete with missile switch covered toggles


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Yeah, what could go wrong with that?

After all, it’s not a 1970s LED alarm clock in a new case, that know-nothings could panic over.


be careful, the enemy has a more advanced useless box technology. you need to close the Switch Gap!


“Note: this project is a harmless prop, not an actual bomb.”

If you have to make a disclaimer like this then it’s most definitely going to get someone in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we make an American version of one of these and give it to POTUS45*?

The worst thing it could actually do is set off some sirens and message the Secret Service to haul him to a bunker where he can get a time-out.


It looks like you just need to replace “KGB” with “CIA”
(Props to designer for getting кгб right given the apparent era of the box).


Ah yes the incident that had the guy that championed serious cartoons in cartoon network and the toonami bloc getting shitcanned.


Also this:


Y’know I wouldn’t mind making something like this as a networked device that does a hard shutdown of net to network traffic.

That or y’know, have it rickroll people.


I have a nagging suspicion that they have done exactly that.


It is obviously a clock.


Nice build! I love the case, maybe build a version of the “Magic Switchboard.”


I misread the title as Lunch Box and thought you had to disarm it to get your sandwich from a hidden compartment.

Everyday mom could set a new code for billy. Keep him on his toes. Of course Seal Team 6 would probably nab him before the bus even made it to school but thankfully he always wears his cyanide vampire teeth. The club house will stay safe from spooks (and girl cooties).


I’m going to hook one of these up to the cluster I wrangle from time to time and have it send ‘halt’ commands to all the nodes. While I do so, I may or may not speak in a pure клюква Russian accent.


It’s kind of funny how movies have trained us to read a foam-lined camera case as a “bomb” because the props team were lazy and just grabbed a random box from the storeroom:


Pelican and other vendors make faceplates for pelican boxes so that you can use them to build rugged, waterproof devices. They are designed to be customizable. I have a bunch of them. Other companies are doing the same, but pelican has sold boxes for this purpose for decades.
They are not, contrary to their advertising, indestructible. I once had a pelican box full of underwater camera gear destroyed at an airport. What happened was that they used one of those lift trucks to unload the baggage (it was mostly a cargo flight), and they drove to the terminal with the lift still up. My box fell off the front of the lift, and was run over by the truck. I still have the remains of the box.


AFAIK Pelican still has a no questions asked repair/replacement policy. They sent me a new gasket and pressure valve for a case I got secondhand decades ago. We use them a lot at work too, and every time one has arrived having been run over by UPS or whatever they overnight a free replacement. No guarantee on your contents, of course, else people would smash up some garbage and claim it was a Fabergé egg.

I hear Zippo does the same, although they don’t guarantee you’ll get the limited edition outer case you steamrolled, you’ll at least get a plain new lighter.


The kings of that sort of warranty are Snap-On. Break a thirty year old spanner, get a new one for free.


“Why does my nuclear football go ‘The cow goes moo!’ when I pull its string?”