Makers build and fly a giant spaceship thing

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Love the passion and the desire to make something different.


Pretty wonderful thing. :slight_smile:


Flite Test is part of an interesting genre of YouTube channels that all exist basically because the scale power-to-weight ratio of model plane engines has become absolutely batshit insane (thanks to modern tech). What that means is you can pretty much make anything fly because you have so much power that almost no lift is required. Thus Flite Test and similar channels where they build random whatevers out of foam, strap a bajillion scale horsepower to it, and it flies. It’s as though in real life you could strap 200 GE90 turbofans from a 777 to your plane and they have zero mass. It’s neat and a very enjoyable time for the hobby.


haha when you do something well… your stuck with doing it well again…

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I forget who made amateur rocket kits back in the day. But tie a booster to that thing and send it aloft to amaze the UFOlogists.

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The two big ones were Estes and Centauri. Estes is still around. I think they bought Centauri. But you can buy Estes rocket kits & engines in Wallyworld nowadays.

I don’t think it would stand up to the stress; but it would be fun to find out.

Back on topic, that model kinda looks like a Minbari White Star, from certain angles.
Anyone notice what looked like a Flying Pig hanging to the left of the P-38?

Hold my beer…

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