Making better use of dice in games

Yea, being less compeitive helps. Also, I never really liked backgammon until I picked up just a little strategy and a few opening moves. Kind of like I never liked football until I learned how a screen pass works.

I wouldn’t call the behaviour I was describing as “competitive” – just being a jerk. You can be very competitive and still be a pleasure to play games with, win or lose. Think of the stereotypical grandparent who never loses a chess or card game against the grandkids, won’t give them a single break or the smallest cheat to even things up, yet they all can’t wait to play him or her.

I like backgammon with the right people, and yes strategy is better than just moving tokens around, but the company one plays it with is important. I got out of it because the person I was playing with would criticise the way I shook the dice cup and lecture me on all the possible moves while I was trying to take my turn. He claimed annoying me was a legitimate strategy for winning. I disagreed.

But sometimes luck is decisive in reality. King Harold gets an arrow through his eye and the Normans conquer England, So trying to make sure luck isn’t decisive in the game can undermine any underlying story and/or history.

I dearly hope you weren’t in love with this person.

@CleverMoveGames, @gadgetgirl02
While Risk and Monopoly are quite affected by randomness, backgammon surprisingly isn’t much despite the dice rolling. It’s a serious strategy game on the level of chess or Go. Top backgammon players like Kit and Sally Woolsey didn’t get where they are by just being lucky. Not terribly surprisingly, they are also top Bridge players, another game where randomness doesn’t play as a big a role as you’d think.

That’s interesting to hear. My personal experience with Backgammon was limited. I played it with a friend in high school once or twice and didn’t like it. It just seemed to rigid to me.

You’ve piqued my interest by comparing it to Bridge, though. Maybe I didn’t give it the chance it deserved.

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