Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Oh wow! I have a GoFundMe page up on my FB account or I have a PayPal account. I’ll PM you.

I am also working on a couple of new designs today, one of a bulldog with a bow on his head and probably another showing a cat wrestling with a Christmas globe ornament. I put the first one together in about 3 hours, so I should have them up by the evening. Trying to get at least a set of 5 different ones to choose from.

I’ve been scrambling to get something together that people are into, so I haven’t got my official artist’s “site” set up yet.


Okay, I couldn’t do the bow. Can’t find enough images to reference and make an accurate drawing with shadows on the dog’s head.
Still, being a cat person, I think he’s a cute dog, and I chose to draw this amalgam bulldog for another friend who’s trying to help promote me.


Thought I’d pop in with an update of sorts.
I built my first backpack a few months ago, and it’s worked out pretty well.

But it’s just a prototype to work out some design ideas and practice with construction a bit. Now, it seems, it’s time to move on to the more “finished” product.
The design will mostly stay the same (from the outside, at least). Dimensions and features will remain unchanged, though the prototype was built from 10oz duck cloth and v2 will be from 500D coated Codura. Otherwise same-same on the outside.
Inside, some more changes. I’m adding a third pen slot (up from two…) and adding two pleated internal storage pockets as well (to keep random small bits from rattling about). I’ve also got a novel idea for a way to stabilize my thermos/water bottle internally without adding bulk.
I’m stepping up the liner material as well- right now it’s some ultralight nylon, but that’s been a pain to work with (and the weight savings are minimal, at best…), so I’m going (slightly) beefier. And likely not the orange color that’s currently in there- I’m thinking bright pink instead.
I’m pleased, though, that some of the more funky design choices seem to have worked out- no waist strap, unpadded shoulder straps make of webbing, no storm flap on the waterproof zipper… all have turned out to be good things that work. I’ll be adding a haul/hang handle to v2 I suppose, as well. It’d be nice to be able to hang the thing up for storage…
Anyway. All this after my house move in a few weeks (and when I get my sewing machine back out of storage…).
I hate being on pause like this. I want to order the fabric and get going, but… yeah. Just sort-of can’t right now. Bums me out.
My 2yo is getting a miniature version of this in kelly green and bright yellow. It’s pretty epic thus far. And, also, in storage.
The frustration it burns.


Okay, one more and I’m gonna quit hogging this thread.


I love this painting. it’s rad. You know what would be funny? If in that vast expanse in the lower half, another similar dog was walking by and the subject of our affection was watching it. Which is hilarious because while the dog is watching the dog, I am watching those beautiful legs: art imitating life because it happens all the time! Beautiful dog goes by but I’m more interested in the owner.


Beewax candels with the 5 year old, who, no idea how, loves Christmas and can’t wait.


Thanks :wink:
And after a few hours, kid loong gone to important errands, like his lego. But he crafted a vew nice ones. (on the left gege).

(edit, urgh… Need to look at my phone images size, sorry for that)


I got itchy to make something so I make a deck of cards (kinda like Oblique Strategies, but focused around helping with Instructional Design).

The deck is 43 cards right now- but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it.


I made a series of rubber stamps that have images which can be combined in a wide variety of ways to make different scenes or creatures. They were inspired by those “make a monster”-type picture books for kids. I may continue adding to the set, haven’t decided yet if this is something I should try to monetize/mass produce or just do for fun.

After I had the stamps made I left them out for my kids to play with along with some watercolors. They were momentarily entertained, anyway.


Did you CNC those? Or hand cut them?
Because I want me some.
Seriously- those are awesome. You should totally sell them.




BTW, nice to see you!


I just drew the line art and used a service at after they offered me a bulk order discount. I was tempted to buy a laser cutter and make them myself but I wasn’t sure if it would be worthwhile so I decided to do a test run first. Maybe I’ll save up for one of those GlowForge laser cutters if it ends up turning into a bigger project. (Possibly a kickstarter? Hmmm.)

This was going to be my Show & Tell for the Boing Boing Weekend of Wonder but I ended up missing the event for family reasons. I’ll try to bring some to play with at the next BB event.


Was there a thread about writing in here somewhere? I can’t seem to find it.

OK, honest feedback: that Tiki mask one. Legitimately unoffensive kitsch or borderline racist cultural appropriation? I was obviously going for the former but I’m not sure I can be objective.

EDIT to add: I’ve thought more about it and I’ve decided I’m gonna drop the little body in the grass skirt since that kind of perpetuates stereotypical “little savage” caricatures I’ve seen from ages past. Maybe I’ll keep a little body but just put him in a different outfit.

I still haven’t decided whether the Tiki mask is offensive in and of itself, I’d hate to offend any Polynesian people out there. Thoughts anyone?

I want those too. I want a tiki mask on tank tracks with a big rack.


“Rule 34” I guess…


I’m trying to write a short D&D 5e adventure for my group’s existing characters. I haven’t DMed a game in … uh … possibly 25 years. I’m not sure how this is going to go, since my group tends to talk its way out of conflicts that should be fights, and murder everything they should have talked to :laughing:. (3/4 of the party runs on pure Charisma, last adventure instead of fighting a dragon, we just … convinced it to leave. By asking.)

But, I did find this, which is neat. You can balance encounters by monster challenge rating or by experience points. It’s helping me to figure out what level stuff should be to challenge us without killing the party.
Apparently we can fight 4 owlbears with ease. 5, if our usual DM rolls a character for this session.


I will now have ‘I punch the dwarf’ stuck in my head all day, thanks to that and Borderlands 2.
I haven’t played a pen/paper RPG proper in 20+ years now. Once I found out that with all my figures you can just do a big battles with them on the table, all downhill. Then 40K came out on top of that.

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I’m still working on my dissertation. But I should have an article coming out in an e-book on Doctor Who at some point… Will keep you all informed.


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